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August 1st, 2012
Dating Tips for Wizards

I’d like to welcome Michelle Kopra, author of Hexes in Texas, a humorous story about wizards, unicorns, smart-ass cats and skulduggery. Since Michelle’s story is about wizards, I asked her to give us some dating tips. So kick off your shoes, grab a drink from the cabana boy and make yourself comfortable. Over to Michelle!

Dating tips for wizards

This depends on the wizard type

The first is adventurous, a grab life by the wand kind of wizard. This magical fella really doesn’t need any help. His deeds, his wavy hair tousled by the morning breeze and the way he chants in Latin makes the witches sigh into their love potions.

The second is more a studious kind of wizard, like Merlin. This ivory tower kind of guy loves knowledge. He’ll read everything he can from; “How to grow a silver beard in 20 minutes” to “The modern compendium on pickled pepper potions.” This wizard will do fine as long as he stays away from; “Pickup lines for the modern wizard. 10 phrases to turn a witch from icy to spicy!”

Bordering on anti-social the nerdy wizard still lives in his mother’s dungeon. Unlike the ivy tower wizard who likes to read, the nerdy wizard prefers to summon a large screen and channels his magic into the central wizard’s hub. Playing shoot ‘em up games with other nerdy wizard’s means he doesn’t have time to get out, so his complexion is more than a little pasty. The chance of finding face-to-face love is unlikely. However, this playa has a few online witchy girlfriends. Well…one witch…the others are wizards pretending to be witches to score fat loot.

The last is the geeky wizard. He will take the crazy out of the dungeon and into the real world, wearing a gold lame dragon costume. Lunging into a crowd mortals and wizards alike and screaming geekily. “I smite thee with mine wand, 2 points!” Chances of success with a witch aren’t too good. That is unless she attacked him with her potent power spell first.

Which wizard is your ideal type, and what would you do on a first date?

Hexes in TexasHexes In Texas
By Michelle Kopra

Genre: Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 9781476226156

ASIN: B008G0EQ42

Number of pages: 128

Word Count: 40740

Amazon  |  AllRomanceEbooks  |  Smashwords

Book Description:

Fed up with the slushy snow of winter, and the frigid Canadian wizards Julie McNabb wants a transfer to somewhere warm, and where the men are smoking hot!

Instead, she ends up in Bug Tussle. A small wizard farming community in Texas where the unicorns freak her out, and the resident witches watch NASCAR and eat Barbeque.

Despite her goals to get out as fast as she can, Julie makes friends, has fun, and falls for Vance, the hunky animal manager.

Now if only Julie can convince Vance to give up on Mrs. Right, for Mrs. right now!

Teaser Excerpt:

“There has to be something more than this,” I sighed as the broom came dangerously close to the road. Before I turned into witch jam, I used my magic to stop the broom, tilting it up, and slowing its descent until my purple boots skidded against the pavement.

“Like what?” Skippy asked.

“I don’t know, but flying around at night, maintained spells, checking perimeters? How is that living? I want a life that’s exciting. I don’t want to die a thousand years from now, regretting I lived all my life in Hamilton.”


Michelle KopraAbout the Author:

I suppose you are dying to know who this Michelle Kopra is; n’est pas?

If you figure it out, please let me know ;)

I have worked in hospitals, in zoo’s, in casinos, and with shoes (hey, look at that, I rhymed).

I am a day dreamer, not much of a day tripper, or day trader for that matter. But I do get lost in my own little world about Fairies, Elves, brass goggles, nifty airships, and steamy romances.

I used to be a closet writer, writhing in agony if anyone came near me when I was trying to put story to paper.

Then I had kids. Two of them, with big brown eyes, and sweet little giggles and sticky fingers that goober up my computer screen, and suddenly I didn’t care how silly my stories seemed to the rest of the world. Well, not as much anyways ;)

I have six stories published on Amazon.com for the moment, with several more in the works. Please feel free to contact me, I can be found on Facebook, twitter, and at my website michellekopra.com. Let me know if you love my stories, or hate them, or if I parked in your spot!




14 comments to “Dating Tips for Wizards”

  1. I love everything about this book. The cover, premise, humor, and so much more. It is so fresh. Great packaging. I’m going to add this one to my TBR pile.

  2. Thanks Ciara :)

  3. I love this book, Michelle. I don’t think I can say that often enough. It was so funny. Your writing voice is amazing!

    Great interview, it really captures the feel of the book.

  4. Thanks, Allison!

    At the risk of sounding insane, I find when I stop fighting the characters and let them guide the story, it makes it alot easier to write ;)

  5. This book really sounds fantastic..It is so different and I love it…

  6. Thanks Savannah :)

  7. This book sounds great. Not sure I would get along with any of those wizrads though. Maybe if I could find a shy wizard who likes to stay at home and play with rats while horror movies and eating chocolate truffles. lol

  8. That should say *While watching horror movies and eating chocolate truffles*

  9. The Ivory Tower wizard might be the one for you. Just tell him he’s watching a documentary on chainsaws and zombies :D

  10. Hi Michelle,

    Welcome! I had enough trouble dating normal men. I think a wizard might have too many hazards for me :)

    You have a great sense of humor and it definitely came through in your book.

  11. Thanks for having me Shelly!

    I have to agree with you. After 16 years of marriage I doubt I would the first thing about dating :)

  12. Sounds fun!
    Nice to meet you.

    Hi, Shelley :)

  13. Thanks Carol :)

  14. I have to admit, I love that chilled out chick relaxing on the cover. Nothing says Southern like a piece of wheat tilted gracefully from a perfect set of puckered lips. And the premise is just to die for. :-)