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August 8th, 2012
Shelley’s Tip for Lazy Zips

I love my jeans. During summer I enjoy wearing shorts. Unfortunately most of my jeans and shorts end up with the same problem—a zip that keeps falling down.

The last thing anyone needs is to walk into a room with their zip at low mast. Who knows what people will see?

Maybe it’s the fact my puku sticks out—that’s Maori for stomach—but whatever the reason, it’s totally frustrating.

Then, a brainwave!


Instead of struggling to replace the zipper or paying someone to do it, why not find a cure? This is the answer to my lazy zips.

Paper Clip

The humble paper clip.

I chose one of the feet paper clips because I liked the funky look. I hooked it into the zipper tag.



I pulled up the zipper and hooked it around the stud/button thingie.


Jeans and Paper Clip


Then fastened the button hole over the top of the paper clip.

Tamed Lazy Zipper

Result: One tamed lazy zipper!

You could probably make a loop with a piece of waxed string, but I think the funky paper clip looks better. I can remove it easily when I want to wash my jeans.

What do you think? Do you have clever tips to share?

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18 comments to “Shelley’s Tip for Lazy Zips”

  1. That is such a great idea!!
    That cover is hot!!

  2. Thanks, Ciara. This cover remains one of my favorites.

  3. That’s a great idea.

  4. I thought I was quite clever.

  5. That is a great idea, Shelley! Thank you!

  6. Thanks, Gerri.

  7. I just thread an elastic band halfway through that same hole in the zipper, and then I fasten both ends of the elastic around the “stud/button thingie”. Same idea, as nobody sees it anyway (plus it makes it faster to pull down my zipper later).

  8. Nodding. I thought of a string or something like that. I wondered if a string would twist around a bit at times, which was why I went with the paper clip.

  9. So now I have a great solution for that low mast matter. The last thing I need is for anyon to remember me for my flowers…the WRONG flowers lol!!

  10. LOL – I know exactly what you mean.

  11. Ok that is so funky..I use to use hair ties…Where can I get these?

  12. I purchased these paper clips from Staples during a visit to the US. We don’t seem to have funky shapes here in NZ.

    I love Staples and always visit one or two when we go to the US.

  13. One tamed cute lazy zipper :) love when solutions are fun.

  14. And so easy. It sure beats replacing the zip.

  15. Great idea… I have a crazy pair of jeans with what I call a slipper zipper because it keeps falling… now I need to find myself a cool paper clip to use… very clever.

  16. Those slipper zippers are pains in the backside. I was getting quite paranoid since all my jeans seemed to be the same way.

  17. I love the funky paper clip idea!

  18. Clever idea, Shelley!