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January 11th, 2013
Hello to Hollywood

In honor of the release of the nominations for the 85th Academy awards I thought I’d post a few photos from our recent trip to Los Angeles. We did the touristy thing, visiting many places around LA that we’d seen on television and in movies.

Hollywood Sign

This photo was taken from the Hollywood bowl where they hold lots of concerts. Sorry the photo is a bit blurry. We zoomed up to take the photo.

Hollywood Grauman's Chinese Theatre

This is the entrance to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. In the front of the theatre there are hand and footprints of celebrities in the concrete. No one agrees how the idea for the prints came about. The most popular story is that it happened by accident when someone stepped in soft concrete.

Hollywood Eddie Murphy Hollywood Marilyn Monroe

Hollywood Hugh Jackman Hollywood Johnny Depp

Here is a selection of hand and footprints. It was quite difficult to snap them without getting feet since there were people everywhere!

Hollywood Dolby Theatre Entrance

This is the stairway entrance to the Dolby Theatre where the Academy Awards take place. On the night these stairs are covered with red carpet and all the surrounding shops are closed.

Hollywood Paramount Pictures

This is the entrance to Paramount Pictures. The grounds and buildings within seemed quite extensive.

Do you watch the Academy Awards on TV? Do you enjoy watching the stars on the red carpet?

12 comments to “Hello to Hollywood”

  1. Hope you had a good time in Hollywood. I grew up not far from there in Redondo Beach, California. I actually don’t watch the awards shows or really care to see the celebrities on tv at these shows. Not my thing.

  2. I do like seeing the fashion on the red carpet. I call it research since sometimes my characters need to dress up :)

  3. I’d like to know where you haven’t been!

    I’d love to visit Hollywood. I’ve been to CA but not to that city.

  4. LOL – I still have a list of places I’d love to visit. No risk of running out!

  5. I’m not a big Hollywood watcher, but I do tune in to see the news on the best movies.

    PS I’m with Brinda. Where haven’t you been? :)

  6. Maria – do you know that I hardly ever agree with their nominations/winners. some of the ones that win leave me shaking my head.

  7. No, I generally forget they’re on. Besides, I’m usually years behind in watching movies.
    I’m with Brinda-where haven’t you been?

  8. I should do a list just to prove I haven’t been everywhere :)

    I catch up on movies when I’m flying places because I’m usually behind too! I finally watched The Hunger Games and was a bit disappointed.

  9. I enjoyed my brief visit to Hollywood during my short stay in California. Certainly an eclectic collection of people that were entertaining as well.

  10. It’s quite different from other US cities. More laid back and the Hollywood, Beverley Hills area does seem out of the movies!!

  11. I’ve always wanted to go there..Love the pics

  12. Maybe one day, Savannah. It’s a fun place to visit with something for all ages.