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January 18th, 2013
Blackthorn Vampires : Anti-heroes of Romance by Lindsay J. Pryor

Recently, as in the last six months, I’ve been going through a bit of a vampire love affair. I’d like to welcome Lindsay Pryor, the author of Blood Shadows, and creator of one of my recent vampire boyfriends.

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Dark. Dangerous. Exciting. Ever since Bram Stoker introduced us to the new world of the romantic vampire as opposed to the terrifying monster of eastern European legend, the vampire has continued to dominate films and books. Almost a century on and they’re still developing – morphing into the heroes of today.

But we know that underneath whatever refinement those vampire heroes present, every single one of them (even Edward Cullen) lives on the edge of their own innate needs. Their nature dictates they are predators and, as such, they will always be a threat. I think the most enthralling vampire heroes are those that live on the very edge of those base instincts – who can just as easily flip to being the villain as the hero.

When I conceptualised the Blackthorn series, I knew they were the type of vampires I wanted. For me, anti-heroes make more interesting characters. Flaws add interest and so does unpredictability. If I work with a character who has an unwavering code of conduct and strict boundaries they will never cross, it doesn’t create enough suspense and tension for me as a writer. I like writing about vampires that skirt close to the edge, so much so that I’m never quite sure if they are going to overstep the mark or not. That’s what my readers report keeps them breathless and retains the tension in the stories – that’s one of the things that defines my books.

My vampires need to be dark. They live in a brutal and merciless manmade world where they are forced to reside as second-class citizens – where humans control them with an iron fist. Society is divided and the third species (such as vampires) are discriminated against. With vampires contained in the polluted, over-populated district of Blackthorn – the most impoverished of several administrative districts – inevitably a greater barrier between the two species has formed physically and emotionally. It is an ideal backdrop for me to reveal just as much darkness in human nature as well as the darkness in the vampires.

I also wanted my vampires to feel real, urban and contemporary. Blackthorn became a district that reflects its residents and vice-versa – dark, dangerous and deadly with unexplored corners, unpredictability, an undercurrent of unrest and a need for retribution. Whether Blackthorn’s vampires get that retribution is down to each of the romances that evolve through the series.

Blackthorn may be a gloomy and dystopian world, the romances forbidden, the vampires dark and a little close to the edge, but those vampires are, in essence, heroes – some just need a little more of the surface scraped away to prove it than others! And for me, a hero who has every reason not to be is one of the most appealing heroes of all.

Blood ShadowsBlood Shadows

Blackthorn Series Book One
Lindsay J. Pryor

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Bookouture

ISBN: 9781909490000


Number of pages: 380

Word Count: 117,000

Cover Artist: Henry Steadman

Book Trailer:

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Book Description:

For vengeance – would you trust a vampire?
For justice – could you betray your family?
For love – are you ready to question everything you believe in?

Gifted with the ability to read the shadows of ‘third species’ beings, Caitlin Parish is the Vampire Control Unit’s most powerful agent. Despite that, her mission to hunt down Kane Malloy – a master vampire – comes with a death wish. Many have tried, but few have survived.

For Caitlin, tracking Kane is about more than just professional reputation. With her parents both mysteriously killed 7 years apart to the day, Caitlin knows that without Kane’s help she is next.

She has four days to make a deal with the wicked, the irresistible, the treacherous Kane Malloy. The vampire who despises everything she stands for.

Or die.


You can read the first three chapters on Scribd for free:

Check Out What Readers Have to Say About Blood Shadows:

“Lindsay J. Pryor easily earns a place alongside Paranormal Romance’s best writers!” ~ Michele Hauf

“An incredible voice for paranormal.” ~ Rhyannon Byrd

“Jaw-droppingly good… I’d want to shout ‘Bite Me!’”

Lindsay J PryorAbout the Author:

Lindsay J. Pryor is a British Paranormal Romance author who writes dark, intense stories set in the dystopian world of Blackthorn.

Her trademark powerful vampire heroes and utterly combustible sensual romances have earned Lindsay comparisons with both J.R Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

A finalist in Mills & Boon’s New Voices competition in both 2010 and 2011, Lindsay has already proved a smash hit with readers.

Comments like “Utterly captivating”, “Jaw-droppingly good”, “Awesome”, “I forgot to blink”, “The sexual tension is off the charts”, “I nearly fainted when he removed her belt”, “I drooled on my keyboard” and even “Tell Kane he can have my soul RIGHT NOW!” convinced Lindsay she just might have what it took to become a published author.

With the launch of Blood Shadows, that dream is now a reality.  Her journey to published author though has been a long one.

Lindsay has been creating stories since she was nine years old, when she quickly decided that fantasy was more interesting than reality. She thought she’d grow out of it but hasn’t yet.

Despite years of bashing out stories on an old typewriter, it was the death of her father in 2007 that finally convinced Lindsay to try and become a published author.

“One of the last things my dad said to me was to do what I wanted to do in life. After he passed away, I pulled out all my scribbles from over the years and got back to writing what I loved most – paranormal romance.”

If reviews are anything to go by, it was a journey well worth making.

8 comments to “Blackthorn Vampires : Anti-heroes of Romance by Lindsay J. Pryor”

  1. Congrats on your release, Lindsay. You’ve done a great job in creating Kane. He was a fantastic character.

  2. Thanks so much, Shelley. And thanks for allowing me to be a guest on your blog. I’m thrilled you ‘enjoyed’ Kane. He was great fun to write!

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us and Congrats on the new release. I love vampires and vampire stories, I’ll be sure to check this out.

  4. My pleasure, Mary. Thank you for your congrats and thank you also for taking the time to read about Blood Shadows. I hope you like what you find when you check it out.

  5. Sounds like a great read. Love the cover.

  6. Thanks, Sandra! The cover was designed by the super-talented Henry Steadman who has also created covers for authors such as Richelle Mead, Dan Brown and Lee Child. I was thrilled that he took the Blackthorn project on. Thanks so much for reading my post.

  7. Thanks for sharing this Lindsay and congratulations on the release!

    Hi Shelley!

  8. Thanks so much for reading, Nas. I really appreciate it.