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January 30th, 2013
Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Bella Hot, Hot, Hot!

It’s definitely summer here in New Zealand with higher than normal temperatures scorching the country. Bella has taken to cooling off by lying on her back with all her feet in the air. I call it her hot, hot, hot! pose.

Later today I’m visiting Not Your Usual Suspects blog where I’m talking about Scarlet Woman—the little book that could!

What are your favorite tips for cooling down during a hot summer?

16 comments to “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!”

  1. That’s so cute.

    I stay indoors where there’s air conditioning.

  2. Most of our homes don’t have air conditioning. Our air conditioning is opening doors and windows :)

  3. Yeah. I love it when my dogs enjoy and good roll on the floor. They make it look heavenly!

  4. They do look cute. Bella lies like this for ages, trying to get cool.

  5. My Chevvy is doing the same as Bella…she thinks the country has gone mad with all this warm weather.

  6. And she’d be right. I can’t wait for the predicted rain to come next week.

  7. Cute photo! Definitely NOT hot here today. We set a record high of 54F (12C) yesterday, but are now back below freezing — 28F/2C right now. Gotta love Wisconsin in January. :-

  8. I don’t know if I could cope with the extremes you get over there. At least our temperatures don’t vary too much.

  9. Bella is one cool dog. LOL. I wish I could get that relaxed.

  10. Dogs do seem to have discovered the secret to relaxation!

  11. Bella’s got the right idea :-)

  12. She has both hubby and I worked out – that’s for sure.

  13. super fun

  14. Thanks for stopping by :)

  15. Ah, puppy porn! teehee… I envy you the heat. It’s snowing here. Thanks for stopping by today to support Stacy!!!

  16. That’s a good description for it. You’re welcome :)