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May 6th, 2013
The Music and Writing Combo


A lot of writers love music and use it as an inspirational source while working or fleshing out their characters. They develop playlists for their stories and listen to them in order to get into a specific mood.

Not me.

When I get into the writing groove I don’t hear anything except the characters and what they’re telling me. The truth is music is wasted on me while I’m in the writing mode.

Today I’m visiting Susan at West of Mars. I’ll be at her Meet & Greet and talking about the song I think of in conjunction with One Night of Misbehavior. Pop over and say hello.

Do you listen to music while writing or reading? Do you do playlists for your books?

11 comments to “The Music and Writing Combo”

  1. I listen to music when I edit sometimes. If I’m plotting and writing, I tend to have silence.

  2. Nodding – music during editing isn’t so bad. I don’t need silence – any background noise is okay. I just don’t register it!

  3. I listen to music when I’m writing sometimes. It drowns out some of the kids noises sometimes. :)

  4. Kid noises would be distracting. I have puppy noises or rather a puppy trying to climb up on top of my laptop in order to get a cuddle.

  5. I need total silence to write, but occasionally, I will listen to music before I start writing to get me into the spirit of the scene.

  6. Yes, I can understand the music beforehand. I’ve never actually tried that. I tend to just sit down and write. I’m a “Just do it” kind of person :)

  7. Sometimes, depending on the mood and what I’m reading/writing — but not if it’s loud. Loud is too distracting.

  8. Yes, loud can be distracting. Last week a courier arrived for our neighbour. He honked on his horn for ages before I caved and went out and signed for the parcel for my neighbours. It was the only way to get peace!

  9. On my way over.

  10. Thanks, Sandra.

  11. I listen to music all the time while I’m online writing, playing around on blogs and when I’m offline reading I have my headphones on listening to music as well.