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June 13th, 2013
Fear of Flying

Thursday Thirteen

Our neighbors are currently on a plane and heading to the US for a holiday. Mrs. Neighbor is desperately terrified of flying and intended to go straight to the bar. Mrs. Neighbor isn’t alone in her fear of flying, and I thought flying would make a great topic for my TT

Thirteen Things About Fear of Flying

1. Fear of flying is quite common. A variety of factors play into the fear. Fear of heights, small spaces, traveling over water, vomiting, hijacking, and turbulence all contribute.

2. The chances of a plane crashing are very low. It’s much easier to get run over by a motor vehicle.

3. Some airlines run courses to help people cope with their fears.

4. Some people take sleeping pills and zonk out.

5. Some people have several drinks to help themselves cope.

6. Avoiding flying isn’t the best way to approach the problem.

7. Focus on the positive parts of the journey.

8. An easy way to make sure a strange noise isn’t a problem is to see if the cabin staff have suspended cabin service.

9. Experts say it’s best to keep hydrated and eat little and often to maintain energy. Evidently alcohol isn’t a good idea!

10. Out yourself and tell the cabin staff you’re a bit nervous. Get support. This is way better than suffering in silence.

11. Don’t let negative thoughts take over. If you’re not asleep keep yourself busy. Watch a movie. Listen to music. Chat with your fellow passengers.

12. Familiarize yourself with the process and noises of flying.

13. Give yourself a little treat. Buy your favorite magazine or treat yourself to that book, audio book or e-book you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had time for yet. Buy a box of your favorite chocolates at the duty-free shop.

The more I fly, the less I like it. I need to take some of the above advice, I think, because I have no intention of staying ground-side in New Zealand. I adore traveling and exploring the world, but I’m always happiest when I arrive at my destination.

Are you a good flyer?

17 comments to “Fear of Flying”

  1. despise everything about it I like close to it tive ness.

  2. It doesn’t seem natural, does it?

  3. I’ve flown very little in my life, but it doesn’t terrify me.
    My husband on the other hand is afraid of it and has never flown in his 46 years.

  4. That must be hard when you’re tempted to fly away for a break :)

  5. I never had a fear of flying until the door fell off a plane while we were taxing to the run way. Not cool!

  6. Really? That would spook me too!

  7. Great advice, and I love No 8 :-)

  8. It’s the weird noises that always freak me out. It makes sense to keep an eye on the cabin staff and save my panic until they do!

  9. Take offs are hard on me. Not that I’m afraid of crashing, but the rumble of the engines tends to get to me.

  10. I always wonder what will happen if they run out of runway.

  11. No fear of flying, though I haven’t flown in ten years. These days it’s more about the high costs and security hassles. Arboretum Walk

  12. Oy! The security issues drive me crazy. I know it’s necessary but some of the staff doing the checks are very rude.

  13. My A #1 terror! And, like you, I was more comfortable flying when I did it less. A wise person once told me the issue isn’t the fear, it’s what the fear keeps me from doing, so I concentrate on how brave I am for getting on the plane, not on how scared flying makes me.

  14. Nodding. I try to focus on the fun that awaits me when I get off the plane.

  15. I’m not afraid of flying, but I feel for people who are.

  16. I feel for them too because it closes off so many wonderful opportunities.

  17. #2 – that’s right. Isn’t flying the safest mode of travel?