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June 20th, 2013
Thirteen Things About Grapefruit

Thursday Thirteen

Firstly, I’m visiting NJ Walters’ blog today, where I talk about love and friendship. There’s also a giveaway.

My topic today was inspired by my new body butter, which smells like pink grapefruit.

Thirteen Things About Grapefruit

1. The grapefruit is a cross between the pummelo and a sweet orange.

2. They’re thought to originate in South Asia.

3. They are part of the citrus family.

4. It’s also thought to be a hybrid that has occurred naturally rather than one that is “designed” by man.

5. Their name comes from the fact that they grow in clusters on the tree, a bit like large grapes.

6. Grapefruit come in several colors – pink, red, golden and white.

7. 75% of the grapefruit is juice.

8. A half of a grapefruit contains around 41 calories.

9. They are a high source of vitamins A and C plus fiber.

10. Most people eat grapefruit for breakfast.

11. The trees can reach up to thirty feet in height and a single tree can produce more than 1500 pounds of fruit.

12. Grapefruit reacts with cholesterol medication and my husband can’t eat them.

13. This is a poem I learned at school and have never forgotten.

I wish I was a grapefruit,

And here’s the reason why,

When you came to eat me,

I’d squirt you in the eye!

Do you like grapefruit? Or is there another type of citrus fruit that you prefer?

17 comments to “Thirteen Things About Grapefruit”

  1. I like the smell of grapefruit but not the taste. Too bitter for me. I do love oranges and Kumquats though.

  2. They are a fruit that goes better with a little sugar. I like them halved, sprinkled with brown sugar and put under the grill for a few minutes. Delicious!

  3. I like them but never think to buy them. I used to pour sugar on them when I was a kid.

  4. I never buy them either. My MIL has a tree, which was very helpful, until she cut it down.

  5. Wait. Grapefruit isn’t a species unto itself? I never knew.

  6. Well, I guess it is now.

  7. Never heard that little poem before. I have developed an allergy to citrus and stopped eating grapefruit. It makes my ears itch inside when I do eat it.

  8. Itchy ears don’t sound like fun. Hubby can’t eat them either.

  9. Good post for us, grapefruit fans. I wish I had one now. :)

  10. That’s the thing about food posts. They always lead to cravings.

  11. I like them, but don’t eat them much! Didn’t know all that stuff about them!


    My TT ia at

  12. I live to teach :)

  13. Oh cool! I didn’t know they were a hybrid either. I wonder how THAT happened!
    Love this.

  14. Let me tell you ’bout the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above. Let me tell ya ’bout love! ;-)

  15. These are too much fun! I like pink grapefruits! Had a facial last week, and the scrub was grapefruit base — very lovely.

  16. Louisa – I love pink grapefruit. Actually I’m a fan of pink all around.

    A grapefruit mask sounds lovely. I want one now.

  17. Aha! fun poem. I’ve been eating grapefruit for breakfast since last week; forgot about the other fruits in the fridge ;)