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June 25th, 2013
Fishing and Motorcycles


This photo was taken in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand at the Sport Fishing Club. They were holding a fishing contest and we watched the entrants bring in their catches for weighing. This is a marlin. Personally, I don’t enjoy fishing and think it’s a cruel sport, but hubby is a keen fisherman and he enjoyed watching the weigh in. I think he had fish envy when he saw this one!

I’m visiting Sharon Buchbinder today and talking about motorcycles in movies and books. I hope to see you there. Smile

Do you enjoy fishing?

2 comments to “Fishing and Motorcycles”

  1. I have never been fishing. When hubby and my brother go fishing I usually stay home and read a book. lol Just not into the worms, cleaning the fish, cutting the fish and getting the fish smell all over my hands.

  2. Ew! I don’t like the worms and the smelly bait either. I have no idea why some people find fishing enjoyable.