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July 11, 2013

13 Things to do in Auckland, New Zealand

Thursday Thirteen

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. It’s big in terms of population (32% of NZers live here) and spreads from Waiwera and Kumeu in the north to Runciman in the south. Auckland is also my home.

Here is a list of Thirteen interesting places to visit in Auckland.

1. Sky Tower – the phallic-like tower dominates the inner city skyline and can be seen for miles. This is an excellent place to get a view of the city and the braver people can bungee jump off for a quick descent. One of the restaurants at the top of the tower is a revolving one, and there are also displays about making the tower.

2. Mt. Eden – this is one of the dormant volcano cones within the city. The 360 view from the summit is gorgeous. From the top you can also look down the steep slopes of the almost perfect crater.

Mt Eden, Auckland

3. The Auckland Memorial Museum – the museum sits within the Auckland Domain. If you’d like to learn about New Zealand and the Maori people, this is the perfect place to start.

4. Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World – building the aquarium was a labor of love for Kelly Tarlton. He purchased old sewage tanks and turned them into an underground aquarium. The large Perspex tubes that you can walk through to look at the fish, and are now common in aquariums worldwide, were first used and designed here. Along with fish you can also see penguins.

5. Rangitoto Island – This is the “youngest” volcano in the Auckland region and it erupted around 600 years ago. Catch a ferry over to the island to explore the lava caves and walk to the summit.

6. Waiheke Island – Beaches, vineyards, walks and relaxation only a thirty-five minute ferry ride from central Auckland.

7. Devonport – a small village that’s a 10 minute ferry ride across the harbor. There is a nice beach, shops, cafes, lots of art galleries, more extinct volcanoes and walking tracks.

8. Waitakere Ranges Regional Park – Get out into the wilderness. Native trees, walking tracks and it’s not far from the central city. See some of our mighty Kauri trees here.

9. Beaches – The city straddles both the west and east coasts. In the west we have beaches with black sand and big breakers. (Tasman sea) On the east we have white sandy beaches and the Pacific Ocean.

10. Viaduct Harbor – This is a waterfront area full of restaurants and bars. You can sit with drinks and a meal and watch all the expensive boats. An excellent place to people watch. The Maritime museum is here too.

11. Coast to Coast walk – This walk is 16 kilometers long and goes from one coast to the other, crossing parks, passing volcano cones and going through the different suburbs.

12. Cornwell Park and One Tree Hill – The park donated by Sir John Logan Campbell for the use of the people of Auckland. Have afternoon tea and climb up to the obelisk at the summit of One Tree Hill. It’s also a working farm and during the spring you get to see all the lambs racing around. Very cute!

13. Go wine-tasting. There are several regions close to the city: Henderson, just north of the city, on Waiheke Island or visit the Villa Maria vineyard in Mangere. (not far from our international airport) Time it right and attend one of the many concerts that are held at the vineyard or just taste some of their wines and eat at their cafe. The cheese platters are good.

If you were to visit Auckland, what would you want to see first?

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  1. Mary Kirkland

    I would probably be one to sit on the Harbor or the beach. People watching can be fun, especially in pretty surroundings.

    • Shelley Munro

      I always enjoy people watching. I think it’s a writer thing.

  2. CountryDew

    I would love to visit New Zealand. It’s on my bucket list.

    • Shelley Munro

      I hope you get here one day.

  3. Brinda

    I would love to visit New Zealand someday. The Aquarium and wine-tasting would definitely make my sightseeing list!

    • Shelley Munro

      Kelly Tarlton’s is amazing. Hubby and I went to a sleepover there one weekend. We got a behind the scenes tour and it was so much fun. All the kids slept in the shark tubes. We slept near the seahorses.

  4. Jennifer Leeland

    I wish I could visit you so much only because you’ve posted so many awesome things about where you live. It sounds fantastic!!!

    • Shelley Munro

      It’s such a diverse country scenery wise. Even though I live here I have to say it’s pretty!

  5. Mary Quast

    Hubby is a pilot so I’m putting this on my bucket list of places for us to visit. LOVE!

    • Shelley Munro

      I hope you get a chance to visit soon :)

  6. colleen

    The picture looks like a vortex. I love that the ocean is right there.

    • Shelley Munro

      We’re lucky when it comes to beaches. There are beaches for every occasion!

  7. Anthony North

    It sounds good to me.

  8. Alice Audrey

    I’d love to do the coast to coast walk.

    • Shelley Munro

      I haven’t actually done that yet. It’s one thing on my to-do list.

    • Shelley Munro

      Thanks for stopping by, Paige.

  9. Heather L

    Would love to visit some day (you know, when I win the lottery). Mt Eden and the aquarium are calling my name, though Waitakere Ranges Regional Park also sound intriguing.

    • Shelley Munro

      Mt. Eden is really amazing. I love the crater. Most of the old craters have been quarried and there only a few left now. The volcanoes around Auckland are known as a field and the field stretches over the entire Auckland area. They’re not likely to erupt again, but a new one popping up is a possibility.