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September 21st, 2013
My Sexy Saturday: Stoned


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, a fun blog hop that I’m taking part in today for the first time. Here are the details: every Saturday, published and unpublished authors will be sharing 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published story.

My seven comes from my new release Stoned, out today from Ellora’s Cave.

Stoned by Shelley Munro

The hair at the back of Marc’s neck prickled and a chill crept down his spine. He tried to back away, but the four men surrounding them closed ranks, trapping them in a semi-circle while the husband continued to chant in the strange language.

The longer the husband intoned, the stiffer Marc’s muscles became. Tarquin ceased struggling, tension blooming in them both. Marc blinked, the action taking effort and concentration. Panic rioted through him in harsh breaths. This was wrong. Something was wrong. He tried to turn toward Tarquin, to warn him. His arm rose slowly as if attempting to lift a heavy weight.

Beside him, Tarquin grunted. Marc fought the resistance in his body, struggled to turn his head. His breath caught. He groaned at the pain shooting down his neck, but kept pushing until he’d turned and could see Tarquin.

The mantra continued, growing louder until each word roared through his ears and resounded inside his head. The husband waved his hands with a flourish, and Marc realized his vision was obscured by a thin film.

The chanting came to an abrupt halt, the resulting silence eerie.

“Marc, can you move?” Tarquin’s voice sounded clearly in Marc’s head yet his lips didn’t so much as twitch.

Marc renewed his efforts to move, but his muscles refused to answer his will. “What the gods?”

Available from:

Ellora’s Cave

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11 comments to “My Sexy Saturday: Stoned”

  1. Sounds like a good one.

  2. Thanks, Mary.

  3. Congratulations on your new release, Shelley! And I love this excerpt, very intriguing!!

  4. Thanks, Christina!

  5. That’s quite the predicament he has himself in. Hope he gets free – and quickly.


  6. Curses are tricky things, Dakota ;)

  7. Loved the excerpt, Shelley! Congratulations on the new release!

  8. Thanks so much, Nas.

  9. Fantastic visual. I can see and hear what’s happening to these two mean. Can’t wait to see more.

    Welcome to My Sexy Saturday…hope to see more of you…and thanks for sharing.

  10. Geez…I meant men…these two men! LOL! Sorry about that. Only excuse is that it’s going on midnight here in Austria.

  11. Thanks, Lynn :)