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October 3rd, 2013
Thirteen Sandwich Fillings

Thursday Thirteen

When I went to school and later when I was working, I used to make my lunch every day. Sandwiches. There is nothing worse than boring sandwiches…well, maybe soggy sandwiches are worse. I tried to keep my lunches interesting, but alas there were days on end where I ate cheese and pickle between two slices of bread.

I was flicking through a cook book the other day and came across a list of interesting fillings for sandwiches.

Thirteen Filling for Sandwiches

1. Mashed avocado, a little lemon juice and sunflower seeds

2. Egg mayonnaise and cress or lettuce

3. Dahl with tomato and cucumber slices

4. Ham and mustard

5. Roast beef, horseradish sauce and salad

6. Cold omelette with celery pieces

7. Chocolate spread and mashed banana

8. Cream cheese and lightly crushed strawberries

9. Hummus, tomato and celery

10. Cheddar cheese, chutney and lettuce

11. Meatloaf and salad

12. Avocado and vegemite/marmite

13. Chopped dates mixed with lemon or orange juice, chopped brazil nuts and celery pieces

Did you or do you make packed lunches? What are your favorites?

17 comments to “Thirteen Sandwich Fillings”

  1. I used to pack my lunch when I was in high school and later when I was working in a laundromat. I usually made a large casserole every few days that would last me a few dinners and lunches that way I didn’t have to cook much. lol

  2. That’s what hubby does. He often takes leftovers for dinner. For me lunch means sandwiches. I like sandwiches :)

  3. I could definitely try a chocolate and banana sandwich! When I worked at an office I often took lunch, yes, a sandwich. Just recently I heard about a man who told a woman if she’d make him sandwiches for 300 days, he would marry her. I think she is blogging about it. When I was a teenager I ate bologna and ketchup sandwiches for breakfast. I don’t know why.

  4. Wow, I bet after making sandwiches for 300 days, she’ll never want to make more.

  5. Cold omelet? Um… no… I’ll stick with the hummus.

  6. It’s no different from eating egg sushi rolls. :)

  7. I always take my lunch, usually leftovers or a sandwich. None of the above ideas appeal to me as is, though variations on a couple would be okay. My Autumn T13

  8. What sandwich combos do you like then, Heather? Tempt me :)

  9. I’m afraid I go for the basic and boring: ham, turkey, chicken or cheese with lettuce and/or cheese (and occasionally honey barbeque sauce on the chicken) and NO mayo or mustard. Sometimes when at home I’ll go for simple PB&J. As I said, basic and boring, LOL.

  10. Ugh on the PBJ. That’s something that has never really caught on down here ;)

    I think basic combos are fine as long as the bread is fresh and yummy.

  11. Yum, you’ve got some good ones here.

  12. I’m all about avocado and vegemite at the moment. The avocados are delicious at this time of the year.

  13. It all sounds appetizing, as long as the sandwich is grilled or warm.

  14. You think so? I don’t mind cold sandwiches as long as the bread is full of grains and seeds, and it needs to be fresh of course.

  15. I LOVE sandwiches! If we had a Quiznos restaurant nearby, I swear I would eat there every day. I really love their honey mustard chicken sandwiches. YUM!

  16. That restaurant isn’t familiar to me. Is it like Subway? I love sandwiches too :)

  17. I love nos. 5, 7, 12 and 13! Ah… yum!