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December 19, 2013

13 Types of Swimsuits

Thursday Thirteen

It’s summer here in New Zealand. The weather is hot and sunny, and it’s time to break out the swimsuits.

Thirteen Different Types of Swimwear

1. Bikini

2. Maillot

3. One piece

4. String bikini

5. Trunks

6. Wetsuit

7. Tank suit

8. Tankini

9. Burqini (covers entire body)

10. Speedos

11. Thongs

12. Jammer (worn by professional athletes and are like bicycle shorts)

13. Birthday suit (sorry – couldn’t resist)

I’m a bikini girl and these days I like boyshorts briefs and a tanktop. Very comfortable.

What type of swimwear do you favor?


  1. Mary Kirkland

    My swim suits have always been one piece. I don’t like showing more than I have to.

  2. Sidne

    one piece with sarong. however, i have worn the boy shorts with tank in swim suit fabric of course.

  3. Mary Quast

    This time of year in Michigan? I favor long underwear and wool socks. LOL

  4. CountryDew

    A one piece suit for me, if I wear one at all, thank you. Not much of a swimmer or a beach fan, though.

  5. Alice Audrey

    I’m not a bikini type gal. I’m barely a swimsuit type a gal.

  6. sandy

    i should name mine

  7. Heather

    Have never owned a bikini, only one-piece suits. However, like Mary, this time of year I’m all about the long underwear, tutlenecks and heavy socks.

  8. colleen

    Hard to imagine summer in December. One piece for me!

  9. Stephanie Sullivan

    Here in Mississippi we have summer nine months out of the year, so bathing suits are very common. LOL. I rarely ever go swimming though, so I haven’t owned one in years. Happy summer, Shelley!