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January 20th, 2014
One Man, Two Men. Three Men, More!

Visit any Asian country, and you’ll soon see lots of scooters or motorbikes. They’re the favored method of transport and there are lots of them. Trying to cross a road is hair-raising stuff and not for the fainthearted.

Hubby and I like to play spot the most riders. During our trip to Vietnam late last year we took these photos.

One Motorbike One Rider.

Two Motorbike

Two riders.

Three Motorcycle

Three riders.

We didn’t get a good shot of four riders, but we did see a few.

Five Motorcycle

And this one actually has five riders (two adults and three children).

Along with people there were bikes with all sorts of heavy loads.

Motorcyle Load

One wondered how the person managed to fit on the bike!

How many people do you think would fit safely on a motorbike?

12 comments to “One Man, Two Men. Three Men, More!”

  1. They have to be the most physically balanced people in the world. I still have trouble standing on one leg. :D

  2. Me too, Maria. I’d be dead worried about falling off and probably make it happen with my insecurities!

  3. Wow, I fell off my bicycle a few times as a teenager and that was just with me on it. It’s amazing that they can balance all that and keep it upright.

  4. *Nodding* My point exactly! Most of them don’t wear helmets either.

  5. I also saw this on my travels to Asian countries. I’m amazed what these people could do!

    BTW, Shelley, Congratulations! I just read about you signing multiple contracts! Woot!

  6. Exactly, Nas. It’s so eye boggling seeing how many people and the varied loads that they ferry about on their bikes.

    Thanks so much re the contracts. I’ve been working extra hard for the last six months and my work is starting to pay off with contracts. :)

  7. You should write a book on your travels!

  8. Thanks, Nancy. Quite a few travel snippets do get written into books, but sometimes they appear in an alien world. My current WIP, which is set on an alien planet has a lot in common with Bali and Singapore :)

  9. That always amazes me… when I traveled in India I saw a whole family of 6 on a bike…

  10. LOL – you beat me. Did you get a photo?

  11. Wow, that’s just crazy, and sounds so unsafe.

  12. I know. Some of the people we were with said they saw an entire family come off their boke when the driver swerved to miss a child on the road.