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May 15th, 2014
13 Items of Wickedness

Thursday Thirteen

In honor of the blog hop I’m currently participating in, today I’m all about wicked. See the post below to join in the Wicked Nights hop and go into the draw to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

Thirteen Wicked Things

1. Wicked is the name of a novel by Gregory Maguire. This book has been turned into a successful musical stage show — the untold story of the Witches of Oz.

2. Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump is the name of motel accommodation in Fiordland National Park in New Zealand. I’ve never stayed their before but it looks lovely. Nice area for walking too.

3. According to the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary wicked means…

morally very bad

4. or… fierce or vicious as in a wicked dog.

5. or… roguish as in wicked impersonations.

6. or… disgustingly unpleasant or vile as in a wicked odor.

7. or… going beyond reasonable or predictable limits or exceptional quality e.g. throws a wicked fastball.

8. The word might originate from Middle English. It’s thought the word is an alteration of wicke or it could be from Old English wicca.

9. The first known use of the word was in the 13th century.

10. Synonyms include black, dark, evil, nefarious, rotten, sinful, bad, wrong, villainous.

11. Antonyms include decent, ethical, good, honest, just, moral, sublime, virtuous

12. The Urban Dictionary says wicked is a slang word that adds emphasis. The synonyms are really, extremely and very. e.g. that tune is wicked hot.

13. Check out this recipe by New Zealand chef Annabel Langbein for Sticky Date Pudding with Wicked Toffee Sauce. Definitely sinful and wicked.

Have you seen the stage show Wicked?

7 comments to “13 Items of Wickedness”

  1. Cool post, Shelley! I haven’t seen Wicked, but I did read the book. This week’s T13 was inspired by your post from last week. ;)

  2. I’m late, but I’m off to check out your post. I know hubby has checked it out already.

  3. I haven’t seen Wicked. I see a lot of erotic romance books with Wicked in the title and I like that.

  4. Wicked and erotic go together, I think!

  5. Interesting. I like ‘roguish’.

  6. Very cool… I still haven’t seen the stage production… ohhh I love Sticky Date Pudding – going to check out the recipe:)

  7. I haven’t seen Wicked or read the book.