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May 20th, 2014
A Lady’s Handbag

© Andres Rodriguez | Dreamstime Stock Photos

As my age advances, I’ve started on the road to a handbag obsession. I’m almost frightened to admit it, since Mr. Munro will read this blog and use my admission as evidence to hold against me at a later date.

I own four bags at present – a black Guess bag, a pink Guess bag, a small black clutch purchased from a local chain of stores called Collette and a black canvas briefcase that my husband received from his employer. I commandeered it and have used it so much the color has faded, but it’s perfect to tote around my laptop and iPad.

Now four handbags aren’t many in the scheme of things, but each time I go to the mall I visit Collette store and check out the new arrivals. There are so many pretty colors. I have to hold onto my credit card very tightly because it’s busy whispering seductively to me. “Let’s buy it,” my credit card is saying, but so far, I’ve remained strong.

So what do I carry around in my handbag?

At present, I’m doing a lot of writing and I’m mostly using my briefcase. It contains:

  • my wallet
  • my prescription sun glasses
  • my Kindle
  • my library card
  • a container of TicTacs
  • a small makeup bag with a comb, lipstick, lip gloss and tiny mirror
  • a couple of paper napkins
  • my netbook
  • my netbook charger
  • a backup thingie
  • an umbrella since it’s winter
  • some business cards
  • a pen
  • a small notebook
  • my cell phone
  • small spray of glasses cleaner

Quite a lot of stuff when I see it in a list. No wonder my bag is wearing out.

How many handbags do you own? What do you carry in them?

9 comments to “A Lady’s Handbag”

  1. Oh I am so not admitting to this one but I do have a few shelves of bags. lol I’ve long been obsessed with them :)

  2. Good for you. I wish I was close enough to check them out. Interestingly, I’ve also discovered a fascination for boots. My family knows how much I hate shoe shopping so they’d laugh at this one.

  3. I used to have half a dozen, but now I’m down to three. Can’t get rid of them–they each have different styles to go with different clothes for my different moods. Most of the time I’m in the mood to go bagless. :-)

  4. LOL – I wish I could go bagless. I’m incapable of going without my list of things above.

    Deb, I tell hubby I need different bags for different moods. Hubby doesn’t understand.

  5. I have around 10 hand bags. Though I use different ones at different times. I have a couple that are daily use, a big one that is for travel, and some smaller ones for nights out. Of course they’re in multiple colors too. What is in them depends on where I’m going and how big the bag is. :D

  6. Jamie – 10 is a nice round number for me to aspire to. I usually use a day pack when I travel.

  7. I have 6 bags right now. I will see a new one with more pockets and want to get it. Don’t shop online, I can spend hours looking at bags and wallets and key chains. lol

  8. LOL Online shopping can be very dangerous!

  9. I’m sure you will be perusing the ships boutiques on the next cruise. I’ll be at the bar, balancing the ledger;)