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May 22nd, 2014
Thirteen Possible Hero Names


I’m currently rereading an older book that I’ve received the rights back for, and I’m updating/amending as necessary. As I do this, I’m also percolating the second book in the series.

One of my weird writer ticks is that I can’t start writing until I settle on my main character names.

I know a little about my hero, but his name is proving elusive.

He’s an alien prince and is first in line to the throne. He’s a good guy who always does the right thing unlike his younger brother. He’s very proper and correct, and some people might call him boring. Deep inside is a rebel, but he hasn’t gone as far as to walk outside the lines. Yet.

Thirteen Names I’ve Discarded for my Hero

1. Kieran

2. Florian

3. Gaile

4. Jermyn

5. Jagger

6. Niran

7. Nairn

8. Shanahan

9. Brecon

10. Devon

11. Timon

12. Thane

13. Oberon

I’ve tried all the above names for several hours, some for several days and none seem right for my alien prince. I want a name that’s unusual and alien sounding, yet one that’s easy for readers to pronounce.

Do you have any suggestions for my poor nameless hero?

29 comments to “Thirteen Possible Hero Names”

  1. What about……..Mr Munro;)
    I feel neglected:(

  2. *shaking head* what am I going to do with you? You’re out of control!

  3. Rahn. Pronounced “Ron.”

  4. LOL – I’ll put that one on the list, Ron.

  5. Declan, Lynnsyd, Orbitr, Lyon, …Lyon

  6. Thanks! Orbitr has a sci- fi feel to it.

  7. I like Devon and Thane. And, well, Mr. Munroe, there will always be other books Shelley can feature you in. LOL!

  8. Both of English origin. For my other series I’ve done Gaelic names for my aliens. I like a theme.

  9. I like to look at The Baby Name Survey Book. It lets you see what stereotypes, impressions or images people have when they think of the name. The book might have an online version.

    That said, I like Mr. Munro. :)

  10. LOL – don’t encourage him. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

  11. I’m looking for a female dog name never heard before unusual and catchy and feminine /I thought I had the perfect one until it slid into the urban dictionary

    what name did you slelect??

  12. Still working on it, Kezzela. :(

  13. Brennus, Caderyn,

  14. I like Caderyn, but unfortunately, my heroine in the first book is Camryn. Maybe a bit close. I’ll keep this one in reserve.

  15. Kai, Kailas, Kalil, Kane. I’ve got a thing for K names today apparently. lol

    I think if I was writing I’d need their names first too.

  16. Hmm, I like these. I seem to have a K thing going on too.

  17. You’ve got your work cut out for you.

  18. *nodding* Yes.


    I like this name generator. Check it out.

  20. Thank you! I will.

  21. I’d go with the name generator too. Otherwise, pick out two two-syllable names you like and combine them, using the first syllable of one and the second syllable of the other. See if that works. It’s often worked for me. :-)

  22. Thanks for the suggestion, Debi. That’s a good idea.

  23. LOL! Go with Mr. Munro!

  24. I like Thane.

  25. Hmm…wow. Good luck with this one. Must asmit, though, “Munro” does have a certain ring to it, LOL. :D

  26. How about Keegan’Tal

    I find that hyphenated named or names with an apostrophe in it scream, offworlder to me for some reason.

  27. Names are always hard… I tend to go through a list until I find the one that ‘feels’ right:)

  28. Munroque, munrique. LOL, I hate battling with the spell checker each time I write a name it doesn’t like in my manuscript. It looks like your husband’s name is trying to take over. One night you’ll awaken in the wee hour when the right name pops into your head. I kind of like Thane, too. Good luck.

  29. I’m still Lol’ing at the first comment!

    Great suggestions!