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June 5th, 2014
13 Things About Gemini

Thursday Thirteen

I picked up a copy of Everyday Astrology for a better life by Sasha Fenton at the library. Astrology always fascinates me, and I find it can be very helpful when “designing” characters.

Thirteen Characteristics of a Gemini

1. The Sun sign Gemini belongs to those who were born between May 22 and June 21.

2.  Gemini is the sign of twins and is a masculine air sign.

3. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury.

4. When it comes to health, a Gemini’s weak areas are shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, brain, pupils and tongue.

5. Best forms of exercise – gardening and walking the dog.

6. Biggest indulgences are cigarettes and alcohol.

7. Favorite foods are pasta, seafood and light meals.

8. Gemini people are fussy about their clothes and choose the best that money can buy. They are cautious in their choice of colors.

9. Gemini’s vanity means that they’ll be on a diet for most of their life. They prefer coffee instead of bothering with cooking. They are fans of takeaway meals and ready-cooked meals.

10. Gemini people are friendly and going out and meeting with friends is an important part of your life.

11. A Gemini cannot stand a job where they have to do a repetitive task. An office life suits you, especially if it is a busy office, but you don’t like too much stress.

12. A Gemini worries about money and you’re sensible when it comes to financial manners.

13. A Gemini likes to live in a place where there is plenty of room for gadgets and tools, and they like lots of bookshelves and magazine racks. You’re a good gardener and can make even a small plot look like a picture.

So, that’s a little about the Gemini Sun sign. If you’re a Gemini, does any of this hit the mark? Do you read your star signs?

10 comments to “13 Things About Gemini”

  1. Huh, My Beloved Sandra must be lying about her birthday. According to this, there’s nothing Gemini about her.

  2. LOL – the book was fairly accurate for me, but I guess they can’t get everything right.

  3. I’m an Aquarius but I don’t really read the charts or the horoscopes. I used to when I was younger but they never panned out for any truth in them.

  4. I’v always thought Geminis have a lot of nervous energy. My mother is one, but she is a mystery to me. I find the enneagram more helpful in identifying types.

  5. definitely

  6. Astrology is very interesting. I’ve had a lot of fun creating characters with it, as well.

    Have you ever tried using tarot cards? It’s amazing what you can come up with those things.

  7. Can’t say I know many gemini, so don’t know how accurate it is. I know I definitely fit my sun sign of pisces. ME

  8. I like astrology, but the only thing it has done to improve my life is to mellow me out during Mercury retrograde.

  9. I love your posts. I always learn something. I’m not a Gemini, but I like pasta, seafood and light meals. :)


  10. I’m Gemini. Geminis are good communicators, air signs, and have lung issues. Also kind of nervous and constantly in need of new things to do and new projects. Always of two minds, neither of which I can make up!