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August 1st, 2014
15 Facts About Leopard Shifters

I’m visiting the Coffee Time blog today where I’m discussing feline shifters. But I also have a question for readers – what draws you to try a new author? One lucky reader will win a book from my Middlemarch Mates series.

Feline Shifters with Shelley Munro

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4 comments to “15 Facts About Leopard Shifters”

  1. If I like an author’s blog I usually try their books. That usually draws me to a new author.

  2. That’s interesting, Nancy.

  3. It’s usually the genre they write in. I’m pretty heaving into paranormal romance right now so if I find a new author who writes that genre and find an excerpt of a book that I like, I will usually buy their book and see if I like them.

  4. It’s funny. I used to love paranormal but I haven’t read many in the last two years. I think I overdosed on them, but recently I’ve been thinking about writing a new series. It’s bubbling inside my head :)