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October 4th, 2014
A Sexy State of Mine – Snared by Saber

My Sexy Saturday

The theme this week is a sexy state of mind…

So what constitutes a sexy state of mind? It could be the knowledge that you’re preparing for a date with a new man or maybe it’s an upcoming date night that helps you get in the mood. Maybe it’s the purchase of sexy new lingerie or those gorgeous shoes. It might be that new guy you spot at the pub or a club or the man who draws a second glance—the one who steals your breath when you sight them across a crowded room. The possibilities are endless.

Here is a snippet from my latest release – Snared by Saber (sci-fi shapeshifter romance)

Snared by Saber

To anchor you in the scene: Eva and her friend Casey have just arrived at the Middlemarch resort, and they have a run in with the locals…


“They bite?” Casey asked, looking dazed by the man and his sudden appearance. Not to mention the huge black cat, which luckily had displayed more interest in the zylon.

“Yeah, their bite is poisonous, which is why we’ve fenced the resort to keep them out.”

Poisonous? “There’s a hole in your fence. I-I saw the-the creature crawl through,” Eva stammered.

“We’ll get it fixed,” the man said. “I’m glad you weren’t injured. That wouldn’t be a good way to start your holiday. Let me get reception to send you refreshments to make up for the inconvenience.” The man tucked Eva’s hand on his arm and escorted her to the door of their chalet, where Casey waited. He disengaged and shunted them both through the open door, then closed them inside.

“I don’t think he was a bot,” Eva murmured.

“The men here are sexier than in my wildest dreams,” Casey said. “Bring on the captures, I say.”

Eva’s legs gave out, and she toppled onto the edge of a sleep-bed. She couldn’t find the right brain cells to formulate an argument, let alone voice one. Hard to dispute the truth when it frisked you in such a delightful manner.

Currently available at Amazon and Kobo. Snared by Saber should be available at other online retailers very soon.

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