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November 8th, 2014
A Day of Firsts ~ Part-Time Lovers

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The theme this week is Sexy First. My next release, Part-Time Lovers, is due out on 25 November, so I thought I’d feature that this week. Yvonne and Nolan used to be lovers, but they’re not anymore…

A little introduction:

Yvonne is at work in the local cafe. It’s been busy and her feet are sore.

A flood of whispers stormed the café. Stray words struck Yvonne like bullets. Farmer. Reality show. Susan. Nolan.

“Yvonne.” The familiar masculine voice hurled her into the past…

A dark bedroom.

Naked bodies sliding together.

Mind-numbing touches.

Pleasure storming her body, culminating in sweet, sweet bliss.

Stellar sex. Superior and awesome and stellar sex.

Part-Time Lovers


The heart’s best defense is a lusty offense.

Clare Chronicles, Book 1

Now that Nolan Penrith is finished with the Farmer Wants a Wife reality show, he’s ready to get back to the farm and a normal life free of publicity. Normal also means resuming his relationship with divorced, solo mother Yvonne McDonald.

Except she seems determined to resist any talk of reconciliation. On to plan B: woo her to his way of thinking. And if persuasion includes plenty of raunchy sex, he’s ready to man up.

Yvonne McDonald might still have feelings for Nolan, but she resents the way he expects to pick up right where they left off. Still, she’s a healthy woman with a body that—damn it—melts for him, so maybe she can twist this situation to suit her needs.

All she needs to do is hold her heart out of reach, hold her head high, and enjoy his brand of lusty sex without a care in the world. Easy-peasy. At least until her plan gets a little kink in it…

Warning: Contains hot country loving between an arrogant, sexy farmer and a woman who intends to prick his confidence and slap him down—her way!

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6 comments to “A Day of Firsts ~ Part-Time Lovers”

  1. Great excerpt, Shelley. Congratulations on the upcoming release! I love the ‘warning’ on this book. Excellent! Cheers. :)

  2. Thank you :)

  3. Loved the excerpt. I do so love how you write.

  4. Wow, thanks, Mary.

  5. Great excerpt! Very sexy. Can’t wait to read more.

  6. Thank you.