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November 22nd, 2014
A Family Thing

My Sexy Saturday

The theme for My Sexy Saturday this week is Thanksgiving and family. While some of my characters come with big families, others don’t have any parents or siblings. Instead, they tend to collect friends, and they become family.

Here’s a snippet from Snared by Saber, my recent release from Ellora’s Cave. It’s a sci-fi erotic shapeshifter romance.

“What do you think?” Saber Mitchell studied his four brothers, who were currently crowding his office, two sprawled in chairs and the other two leaning against the walls. He scanned each of his brothers’ faces before focusing on Felix, the second oldest of the Mitchell brothers. Leo came next in age, followed by the twins Sly and Joe. They had one more sibling, their sister Scarlett, who was the youngest of the Mitchell clan.

“I still think this is a crazy idea,” Leo said. “Why can’t we focus on farming the land? We had a successful farm on Earth. There’s no reason we can’t replicate that again.”

“We don’t need mates,” Felix said, folding his arms across his chest. His green eyes—the same green eyes Saber saw in his bedroom mirror each day—offered a dare.

“They won’t necessarily keep us on the straight and narrow,” troublemaker Joe agreed. “Women are good for one thing.”

“Your Mission Mate plan is flawed,” Sly said, with a smirk at his twin. “Ma might think copying an idea our ancestors used successfully will fix everything, but it won’t. And I don’t want to settle with one woman. Leo is right. We should focus on the land. If we’re dog-tired we won’t have time or energy for fucking around.”

Saber fought the urge to knock his brothers’ heads together. No point wasting the energy. Violence wouldn’t dent their heads or their confidence. Ever since they’d left Earth with a large contingent of friends and family to escape the feline virus, trouble had followed them. Often expensive trouble, with his brothers as the ringleaders.

“We don’t have the luxury of waiting for the land to become productive.” Saber strove for calm and logical arguments. “We have to take the assets we possess and use them to support our group. That means making the resort a success—and finding mates before the males kill each other.”

Snared by Saber


When a feline virus on Earth wipes out much of his race, Saber Mitchell moves his shifter family to the jungle planet of Tiraq. To provide an income—and keep the testosterone-fueled males from killing each other over the lack of mates—Saber opens Middlemarch Resort, specializing in women’s capture fantasies. Unbeknownst to the women, some captures will be more permanent than others.

Saber has no plans to find a mate himself…until a capture goes awry, landing both him and “kidnapped” guest Eva Henry on the other side of the huge island. Saber must face birds, beasts, hungry natives and Eva’s own penchant for escape to see her safely back to the resort.

Keeping his hands off her proves impossible…even after Saber learns mating Eva comes with bigger, more dangerous troubles than all their jungle perils combined.

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One comment to “A Family Thing”

  1. Love the Saber cover. Your excerpts are always so well written. Good luck with these.