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January 9th, 2015
The Lindow Man: Found in a Bog

The British Museum is a must-see stop during a visit to London. It’s full of fascinating exhibits, and I could spend hours there. Unfortunately, I had Mr Munro in tow, and he has a much shorter attention span!

British Museum

I love the imposing facade of the museum, and even better, entrance is free. No matter what your interest, there will be something to excite you. The mummy section is amazing.

Every time I visit the museum, I like to see the Lindow Man. He’s a blog man, his body found in a peat bog at Lindow, north England in 1984.

Bog Man

This poor man died a particularly gruesome death. He was struck on the head several times and strangled. His throat was also cut, and he was left in the bog. It’s thought he was around 25 years of age and was in good health prior to his death. The bog preserved his hair, skin and many of his internal organs.

You can see and read more about Lindow Man at the museum website.

Do you have a favorite museum? A favorite exhibition?

3 comments to “The Lindow Man: Found in a Bog”

  1. Oh wow, that’s really interesting. Men always have shorter attention spans than we do. lol

    I think one of the most interesting museum exhibits was Bodies. The exhibit is made from donors who gave their dead bodies to education and were cut and put on display for people to learn things about the workings of the human body.

  2. LOL – this is true, Mary.

    Um, I think that exhibition sounds a bit creepy. I’m not very good with blood for a start. I’m thinking blood already!

  3. I’ve visited London many times, but I don’t think I’ve ever been in the British Museum (unless I went as a child). I really must make the effort next time I’m down there.