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February 2nd, 2015
Dreams of Africa…

Kenya is a country of color. There’s the red of Masai warriors, the purple of the Jacaranda trees, which were in flower when we were there, the pink of flamingos en masse, the green of the mountains, the mishmash of brightness at the markets and the dry expanse of the National Parks.

Some of my favorite all-time memories occurred in Kenya.

Black Cab, Nairobi, Kenya

We hired a black taxi cab to visit the giraffe reserve and Karen Blixen’s house.

Hubby Feeding Giraffes

Browns and ginger are prevalent here! Hubby feeding the giraffes.

Shelley Feeding a Giraffe

More browns with a touch of red. Me feeding a giraffe. Check out that tongue!

Karen Blixen House

The greens of the gardens and trees and the sienna of the brick. Karen Blixen’s house!

Handsome Masaii Men

The red of the apparel. Handsome Masai men!

Pink flamingos

Pink flamingos!

Lion Snooze

Brown and green. A pride of lions having a midday snooze.

As I said, Kenya holds lots of great memories for me. I can still feel the rasp of that giraffe’s tongue. They were amazing and it was the coolest thing seeing different types of giraffes. I’ve had a thing for giraffes ever since.

What is one fun memory from your past that has really stuck with you?

8 comments to “Dreams of Africa…”

  1. Wow, what a trip. I would love to go there.

    BTW, your hubs and mine look enough alike to be cousins.

  2. LOL – Hubby looks a bit different now. Age changes us all ;-)

  3. I love giraffes, they have the most beautiful eyes. Looks like you had a wonderful trip when you went there.

  4. We did. They have really long eyelashes too. Very cute!

  5. Wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing.
    Interplanetary Love was on my ‘you might be interested’ list from Amazon:)

  6. Ooh, that’s good to know. Thanks, Sandra.

  7. Fun photos. One of my favorite memories is visiting Bear Country USA in South Dakota. One large bear lumbered out in front of our car and then proceeded to pick grasshoppers out of the grill and around the hood. We laughed so hard (as did the guy behind us) that there were tears streaming down our faces.

  8. LOL – he probably couldn’t believe his luck. A mobile feast! I’ve been there and I enjoyed watching the baby bears playing together. They were so funny.