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February 13th, 2015
New Release: Favored by Felix

Favored by Felix, book 2 in my Middlemarch Capture series is out today! A sci-fi/paranormal blend with adventure, mystery and a happy ever after. *Happy sigh*

Favored by Felix


Middlemarch Capture, Book Two

A new resort specializing in capture fantasies—the perfect place for Captain Casey Seonaid to blow off steam. To embrace her feminine side, possibly for the last time. And just as she’d hoped, it’s not long before she finds herself “kidnapped”. Let the sexual hijinks begin.

Attractive yet with an air of sadness, Casey snares Felix Mitchell’s attention at first sight. As feelings deepen, he comes to realize Casey just may be his perfect mate. But despite their shared passion, something is amiss with his intriguing lover, something that keeps her from giving herself fully…something she won’t share.

Unexpected troubles plague the resort, drawing the couple ever closer. But the biggest danger comes when Casey finally shares her secret, revealing a familial enemy—and his shocking plans for Casey’s future.

Inside Scoop: Felix may look big and bad, but Casey knows her shifter mate is just a big pussycat.

Order ebook at: Ellora’s Cave| Amazon | All Romance ebooks| Barnes & Noble| Kobo|

In other writing news, I’ve finally finished writing the first draft of Seized & Seduced. Only two weeks to go before it’s due to my editor. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend?

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?

2 comments to “New Release: Favored by Felix”

  1. Huge congrats… the book sounds great, and I love the cover:)

  2. Thanks, Tania. I like the cover too. :)