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February 26th, 2015
13 Eerie American Destinations

Thursday Thirteen

I picked up a copy of Eerie America: Travel Guide of the Macabre by ER Vernor & Kevin Eads at my local library. An interesting guide. I’ve picked out thirteen spots that appealed to me for my TT this week.

Thirteen Macabre American Destinations

1. The Body Farm, Tennessee – a place used to study changes that occur in bodies after death. There are usually around fifty bodies in various states of decay. Some are submerged in water while others are exposed to the elements. A very important place that helps forensic scientists to learn.

2. The Bullock Hotel, Deadwood, South Dakota – Seth Bullock and Sol Star opened a hardware store on this site and later added a hotel over the store. It’s said that Seth Bullock haunts this hotel. He’s often seen while staff are standing idle, and it’s said he expects his staff to work hard!

3. Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada – popular with UFO enthusiasts who drive along this highway hoping to see evidence of UFOs.

4. Bannock Ghost Town, Montana – A gold town established in 1862. Visitors to the Hotel Meade and the hospital have encountered strange apparitions.

5. Ball Cemetery, Springfield, Nebraska – One of the residents, Rattlesnake Pete, is said to wander the cemetery and torment visitors.

6. Moore House, Villisca, Iowa – The residents of the house were discovered dead, murdered by an axe to the head. Visitors have heard children playing and laughing and whispering.

7. Idaho State Penitentiary, Idaho – this is a popular place with ghost hunters. Visitors say they can feel the presence of the inmates and the guards, and some visitors have aborted their tours because they can’t stand the creepy atmosphere.

8. Alcatraz, San Francisco, California – a well-known prisoner that is said to be full of restless spirits. I didn’t see any when hubby and I visited many years ago, but it certainly had an atmosphere!

9. The Bird Cage Theatre, Tombstone, Arizona – this was considered one of the wildest places in the wild west. It was the scene of over twenty-five murders. Visitors and employees have seen ghosts of cowboys and prostitutes. Hearing music and yelling coming from different parts of the building isn’t unusual.

10. Sing Sing Prison Museum, New York – this museum houses genuine weapons taken from inmates. Visitors can have their photos taken in cells.

11. Ford Theater, Washington, DC – Some people say the assassination of Lincoln replays here. Other people have heard gunshots or running footsteps.

12. Lake Champlain, Vermont – it’s said a beast inhabits the waters here much like the Loch Ness Monster. Locals have nicknamed the beast Champ.

13. Nemacolin Castle, Pennsylvania – Visitors have captured strange images on film, and it’s said that up to ten different ghosts inhabit the castle. Some believe the castle is a portal to the spiritual world.

Have you visited any of these places? Do you have any favorite creepy places to recommend?

22 comments to “13 Eerie American Destinations”


  2. I always learn a lot during my TT visits :)

  3. Very cool list, SM; thanks. I’ve been to Lake Champlain (couple hours away) but never seen Champ. Would love to visit some of these others, though.

    Locally, we have Emily’s Bridge in Stowe (VT). Lots of people report creepiness there. Check it out here:


  4. Sounds interesting, Ron. I visited a few covered bridges and found them fascinating.

  5. I’ve not visited any of these, but they sound really cool. One thing about the U.S., even though we’re a young country, we’ve got our share of creepiness.

  6. You’re not as young as New Zealand :)

  7. Huh. Hadn’t heard of most of these. I’d like to visit the Nemacolin Castle. Have a good day, Shel.

  8. Thanks. I had a great day. There were lots of intriguing places to visit in this book.

  9. I used to drive past Bannock a couple times a year. I always meant to stop in, but somehow never did.

  10. Maybe one day, Alice.

  11. Apparently, I have a few new vacation spots to plan. :)

    I hadn’t heard of half of them.

  12. America is full of interesting places. Hubby is good at hunting them out and we always visit a few ghost towns etc when we have a trip to the States.

  13. While I’ve never been to any of these destinations. I do live just a couple of hours from Extraterrestrial Highway. You can even travel to Rachel, Nevada and go to a little restaurant/hotel called Little A’Le’Inn. The rooms are $45 a night and you can bring your pets for a small $15 pet deposit. In the restaurant they have a small *kids* table and chairs set up in case the little gray men *aliens* show up to grab a quick bite.

  14. It’s good to be prepared, Mary. The act of a good host!

  15. Have been to Deadwood, SD and seen the Bullock Hotel. I have CARVED IN BONE by Jefferson Bass in Mount TBR which is set at Tennessee’s Body Farm.

  16. They had an episode of Bones at a Body Farm too, and I suspect it was this one. I’ve been to Deadwood too. It’s a really fun town to visit.

  17. I;ve not been to any of them but have friends who have been to the body farm. So creepy even if important.

  18. It’s not a place that I’d want to visit but I’m sure people in the field find it invaluable.

  19. What an interesting post! I read novels about the Body Farm in Tennessee, but I doubt I could handle visiting it. LOL

  20. Me neither. :)

  21. Oh my… I love this post and am noting some of these places down to research a bit further… great story settings:)

  22. Thanks, Tania. Ghosts and creepiness are the perfect partners for paranormal romances.