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March 19th, 2015
Sea of Change: 13 Facts About Killer Whales

Thursday Thirteen

This week, my latest book went live at most online retailers. Sea of Change is a paranormal shifter romance featuring orcas.

Thirteen Facts About Killer Whales

1. The killer whale is also known as an orca.

2. They are a toothed whale and are actually the largest members of the dolphin family.

3. They are a mammal and eat a carnivore diet. (fish, seabirds, squid, seals and other whales)

4. They can live up to 80 years in the wild. The females usually live longer than the males.

5. The killer whale lives in a pod of family members, and these pods can contain as many as 40 orca.

6. Killer whales can be divided into resident pods and transient pods, a fact I used in my Sea of Change story.

7. Resident pods tend to frequent one area while transient pods have much larger territories.

8. The pod members work together to hunt for food.

9. Each pod communicates in a distinctive manner using echolocation.

10. Female orcas give birth every three to ten years and the pregnancy lasts for 15 – 18 months. The mother nurses the calf for at least a year.

11. The killer whale has very distinctive black and white coloring. They are intelligent and acrobatic, frequently breaching, spyhopping and slapping their flippers.

12. It’s easy to tell the difference between the male and female. The males are longer and bulkier. Their dorsal fins are much larger, reaching higher than a metre in height.

13. Sea of Change

Sea of Change by Shelley Munro


A sexy face in the crowd…

Orca shifter Asia Bolino can’t believe the gorgeous cutie is Roman Anderson. They belong to enemy tribes, but she’d love to run her fingers over his…assets. Roman doesn’t recognize her, and in a moment of weakness, Asia agrees to a late-night date, a little forbidden pleasure.

Someone attacks Roman while he waits for Asia. Aware of his shifter status, Asia does the only thing she can—she takes him back to her apartment. The problem is when he regains consciousness, he thinks they’re married. He parades around her apartment wearing nothing but a smile, and Asia is weak. She succumbs to his charm and skilful loving. Hip-deep in lies, she’s aware the sensual bubble might burst at any moment. That might mean bloodshed, and she can’t allow that to happen. Worse, Roman doesn’t seem to recall he’s a shifter.

Asia struggles with guilt while melting at Roman’s touch. Nothing can come of their relationship, and now it seems someone knows the truth and they’re both in danger.

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Sources: National and Department of Conservation, New Zealand

16 comments to “Sea of Change: 13 Facts About Killer Whales”

  1. Thank you for such informative TT :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Your book sounds very interesting and intriguing. I like the “amnesia” aspect. I think 18 months is a long time to be pregnant, egads! I hope your shifter doesn’t have to be pregnant that long!

  4. 18 months is an awful long time to be pregnant!

  5. fascinating

  6. Thank you.

  7. #13 They’re really whales who turned into people !? I can’t find anything about amnesia!

  8. Yes, something a little different.

  9. I didn’t realize pods could be so large.

    Great cover!

  10. I didn’t either. I think most groups are smaller, but some pods of dolphin can be very large too. Thanks re the cover. I love the colors.

  11. Great post. Great facts and I’m betting a great read. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Coll and interesting facts, Shelley! My T13

  13. An 18 month pregnancy? Add my voice to the chorus of those who don’t think that sounds like a good deal.

    BTW, I like the phrase from your blurb, “hip-deep in lies.” I think we’ve all been there.

  14. An Orca shifter…well that is definitely something new. I’ve not seen one of those before. I love orca’s too, they are so majestic and gorgeous animals.

  15. Your post is timely for me! I just watched Blackfish (about orcas in captivity). Your blurb is very intriguing and now I want to know what happens!

  16. I didn’t know orcas were part of the dolphin family. Very cool facts you collected!

    Now I’m curious to learn how they shift in and out in your story.