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July 13th, 2015
Supernatural Summer Specials


I’m taking part in the Supernatural Summer Specials promotion. This is an opportunity to stuff your e-reader with loads of paranormal titles (over 50!), each available for a short time for 99c.

My title Claimed & Seduced (book 2 in my House of the Cat series) is one of the books in the promotion.


Shapeshifter Prince Jarlath Leandros of the planet Viros is a man who understands duty. As heir, he’s had his future as leader of the House of the Cat mapped since childhood. Boring! Jarlath yearns for an indefinable more.

Keira Cloud is beautiful and sexy, she’s independent and confident, and not only is she an enemy from the House of Cawdor, but her stepchildren accuse her of murder. Not a suitable woman for the prince, but Jarlath aches to claim her.

When the House of the Cat comes under attack, Jarlath is thrust into the middle of danger where life or death is the only option. A war is brewing, one that brands Jarlath and Keira enemies, yet their hearts shout otherwise and their animal selves—the leopard and the crow—care nothing for conventional barriers. Right or wrong, passion blooms out of control and with the city under siege soon Jarlath’s life is anything but boring. Now all he needs to do is survive…

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And don’t forget, book one in the series, Captured & Seduced, is currently FREE. Grab your copy here:

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Have fun shopping. I know I will!

2 comments to “Supernatural Summer Specials”

  1. I loved Claimed & Seduced. Gonna go take a look at all the books now.

  2. Thanks, Mary. I hope you picked up some bargains.