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July 20th, 2015
Reasons to Read a Feline Shapeshifter Romance

I’m a real fan of paranormal romances–both reading and writing them. Although I’ve written a couple of wolf characters most of my shapeshifters are feline.

So, why do I like feline shapeshifters? Let me tell you…

8 comments to “Reasons to Read a Feline Shapeshifter Romance”

  1. so true on all
    I love all shifters

  2. Thanks, Jennifer. They’re my favorite too :)

  3. Those are all very good points. Loved that video.

  4. Thanks, Mary. I’ve been going to do a video for ages :)

  5. You got it right – total escapism with the HEA. Love your cats!

  6. Thanks, Teri

  7. I haven’t read any shape shifting romances in a while, because I’ve been knee deep in suspense and thrillers lately, but I do enjoy wolves and cats. Enjoyed your video and hope your Sunday is stress-free. Hugs…Ro

  8. Thanks so much! You need to find some suspense books featuring shifters.