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October 14th, 2015
Home of the Cult of Zeus

Olympieion, Athens

Hubby took this photo of the Temple of Zeus from the Acropolis, and as I mentioned in my photo post of the Parthenon, the day although fine was hazy. These stone columns—the ruins of the temple—are immense. You can just make out the people dots to get a prospective of the size. This is the largest temple in Greece and dates back to the 6th century BC. It took over 700 years to complete due to financial problems (yes, they had money shortages way back then too!) Hadrian completed the work in AD 131.

The temple is very impressive both from the Acropolis and from ground level. I almost wish I could time travel back to its heyday in order to see it complete. It would have been a sight.

Note: For those who are traveling to Athens, the admission fee for this temple complex was included in the price of the Acropolis ticket.

4 comments to “Home of the Cult of Zeus”

  1. Amazing — I can just imagine how much more impressive it is up close. It makes me both sad and angry every time I hear that ISIS has destroyed another site like this in Syria.

  2. I was lucky enough to visit Palmyra in Syria about twenty years ago. We actually camped there overnight and it was a beautiful spot.

  3. Wow, that would sure be something to see in person.

  4. Even as a ruin, this is an impressive sight. To see it in its heyday must have been something.