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October 15, 2015

13 Facts About Dragons

Thursday Thirteen

I’ve been in a dragon frame of mind recently, and I’m excited to be part of the Flight of Dragons box set, which came out this week. In honor of the release, my TT this week is about dragons.

Thirteen Facts About Dragons

1. Dragons can be grouped into three groups: Earth dragons, Water dragons and Fire Dragons.

2. Dragons are warm-blooded creatures since they control their body temperatures internally. They are not dependent on the sun in the same way as other reptiles.

3. Dragons live for a long time and are more likely to die from an accident than old age.

4. Dragons prefer a natural environment rather than cities filled with pollution.

5. Dragons are the largest known flying creatures.

6. Dragon bodies are covered with tough, shiny scales. They can make them stand on end if they want to preen or groom themselves.

7. Dragons are fastidious and take care to keep skin and scales immaculate.

8. Dragon colors come in three broad color groupings. Blue – ranging from mother-of-pearl and silver to dark blue. Red – copper red to dark red and reddish black. Green – every shade of green, yellow, dark brown and burnished gold.

9. The dragon father or king is the head of the family and other dragons pledge their allegiance. He adjudicates in disputes.

10. Water dragons live in salt and fresh water and are extremely agile in the water.

11. According to legend, water dragons only eat human virgins and if they can’t find suitable food, they suffer excruciating indigestion, which can lead to death. This dietary need has contributed to their dwindling numbers.

12. Dragons are skilled in the art of magic. They also have a love of music and possess an excellent sense of rhythm. A dragon’s voice has a bewitching effect on humans.

13. Dragons love treasure and acquire valuables through fair means or foul.

Flight of Dragons

Flight of Dragons is available for 99c for a limited time from all online retailers. Grab your copy today!

Read an excerpt of Blue Moon Dragon, my contribution here.

Soruce: The Book of the Dragon by Ciruelo



    I wonder if they ever were real or how the myth came about. I was starting to believe the possibility until I read they eat virgins.

    • Shelley Munro

      I like to think they were real :)

  2. kezzela


  3. Alice Audrey

    Well, if we are talking about mythical creatures, I think some of those living, floating islands from anime might be bigger.

    • Shelley Munro

      LOL That’s true.

  4. Heather L

    Interesting and fun post, Shelley! My T13

    • Shelley Munro

      Me too. I’ve been thinking a lot about dragons recently.

  5. CountryDew

    So is Smaug a fire dragon? “I am fire, I am death,” so sayth he in The Desolation of Smaug. (The Hobbit movies for anyone who is not familiar with Smaug.)

  6. Mary Kirkland

    I’ve always been a fan of dragons.