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December 2nd, 2015
Christmas in New Zealand

Christmas falls during summer where I live in New Zealand. While I was growing up I always heard about New Zealanders who spend Christmas day at the beach. Not true in our family!

Christmas to me means:

1. Warm days, sometimes with rain since we live in a subtropical zone.

2. The pohutukawa trees come out in bloom with their bright scarlet pom-pom flowers.

3. Our daylight saving is in full swing so the days are long to make the most of the good weather.

4. All our local towns and suburbs hold their Christmas parades.

5. Christmas carols start playing in the shops and malls.

6. The towns and malls bring out their Christmas decorations.

7. We have a family discussion about who will host lunch on Christmas day.

8. The kids all break up for Christmas holiday – about 6 weeks off school.

9. Office parties!

10. Shopping for presents.

11. Filling up the pantry and freezer with Christmas treats.

12. Fresh strawberries and asparagus. Pavlova!

13. Family.

14. Excited and tired children.

15. Christmas trees and the decorations we add to every year.

16. Christmas stockings.

17. Shortbread.

18. A glass of Pimms with fruit and mint garnish.

19. Smoked salmon sandwiches.

20. Homemade truffles.

21. An advent calendar.

22. My husband and his brother go to purchase fresh oysters.

23. Barbecues!

24. Staying up late to walk around our neighborhood to view the Christmas lights.

25. Watching our neighbor take two weeks to put up his Christmas lights.

26. Reading Christmas romances. I have some to suggest – Merry & Seduced, Festive & Seduced or Christmas is Coming, all by me. Open-mouthed smile

What does Christmas mean to you? Do you enjoy reading Christmas romances?

6 comments to “Christmas in New Zealand”

  1. I’ve recently read a few Christmas Romances that I liked. If they are more towards the PRN I like them even more. Christmas for me is cold weather, colorful wrapping paper, pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread and excited kids.

  2. The excited kids is universal. The pie thing is very American since we typically go for pavlova and strawberries.

  3. We live in the boonies so Christmas is mostly shopping online.

    I do miss seeing houses decorated, but since most of our homes aren’t easily seen from the road, few people decorate. When I lived in town, everyone decorated. It was so pretty at night.

  4. Hubby and I have been walking Bella after dinner so we can see the lights. They are pretty and it’s the best alternative to putting them up yourself
    I have to admit, it wouldn’t seem like Christmas without seeing the lights. I think internet shopping is the way to go for Christmas. The crowds are not pleasant!

  5. That sounds like a perfect Christmas season :) I’m originally from FL so lots of warm Christmases for me growing up. Now I live in NC and we get a bit chilly and every once in a while even have a white Christmas which is kinda fun :) Hope yall are having a great holiday season so far!

  6. Thanks, Anna. I have to admit I’d love to have a white Christmas one year. I hope your shopping is going well!