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December 7th, 2015
A Visit to Taronga Zoo, Sydney

A visit to Taronga zoo is a real adventure. You catch the ferry across the harbor and ride a cable car to the top. The animals have some of the best views in the city.

View from Zoo

The view from the zoo with the Opera House and the harbor bridge.


The giraffe enclosure.


A Koala.



Meerkat 2  Meerkat


Mountain Sheep

Mountain sheep.

snow leopard

Snow leopard.

A visit to Taronga zoo is a pleasant way to while away an afternoon.

Do you have a favorite zoo?

3 comments to “A Visit to Taronga Zoo, Sydney”

  1. Great pictures. I love Koalas.

  2. The koala enclosure is very cool and you get quite close. They seemed to hang around then, all of a sudden, they’d move with a real spurt of speed.

  3. Beautiful photos, I especially love the one of the snow leopard.