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December 11th, 2015
Fishing in Haines, Alaska

During our recent trip to Alaska, one thing Mr Munro wanted to see was a bear catching a salmon. This was one of his bucket list items, and he’d talked about it for months.

I’m pleased to report that we saw several bears fishing. This particular excursion was to Haines in Alaska and we caught the ferry from Skagway. It’s a beautiful spot with forest and rivers and is also on the coast.

Haines Shelley

Me, during a forest walk.

Haines Alaska

One of the many dead salmon on the river after the spawning.

Haine Bear

A bear coming down to fish at the river.

Haine Bear Fishing

And a fishing bear. We watched her fish for ages. She’d catch a salmon and take it into the bushes to eat in peace then repeat the process while we tourists went oh and ah and took photos.

Mr Munro was able to check this off his bucket list.

5 comments to “Fishing in Haines, Alaska”

  1. I love the photos. Glad he was able to check something off his bucket list.

  2. Hubby was pleased too. Now all I have to do is come up with a story for a bear shifter romance to use the experience :)

  3. Yay for getting to check off a bucket list item. That’s pretty neat!

  4. They are beautiful animals, but I was glad to keep my distance. New Zealand is so much safer!

  5. VERY cool sighting and item to mark off the bucket list!