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March 18th, 2016
Dragon Scales

During the last few months, I’ve done a lot of reading about dragons and their different characteristics. I’ve read fiction and non-fiction.  One thing everyone is clear about is that dragons come in lots of pretty colors.

attractive blonde and big dragon

Here are a few interesting facts about dragon scales:

1. The scales cover the entire body of a dragon.

2. The dragon can make its scales stand on end, especially during the preening process.

3. Dragons like to keep their skin and scales impeccably clean.

4. Each scale overlaps and fits perfectly into the next to allow the dragon to move freely.

5. The inner part of the scale consists of hairs. Small glands around the hair follicles secrete a mineral rich substance, which coats the scales. It is this substance that colors the scales and makes them hard.

6. The scales grow and automatically renew like human fingernails and hair. Only a sick dragon will shed its scales.

7. The scales are never even in color, but will be different hues of a dominant color.

Source: The Book of the Dragon by Ciruelo

I’m about to write a new dragon story for my Dragon Investigator series. What color do you think I should make my dragon and why?

2 comments to “Dragon Scales”

  1. I think a really deep dark green that sparkles like glass in the sunlight would be really pretty. I’ve read a few dragon shifter stories and I love how the colors are always bright, vibrant and match somehow the human. Like one story I read the dragon was a beautiful purple and blue color like a sunset and when he was a man his eyes were that same blue with purple specks.

  2. A jade dragon sounds gorgeous, but they’re not likely to escape attention. I love the sound of eyes matching a dragon’s scales. I haven’t read one like this. Very cool.