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April 21st, 2017
The Giant’s House, Akaroa, New Zealand #travel

The Giant’s House was build in 1880 and is made of native totara and kauri timber. The house was originally owned by a bank manager. Artist and sculptor Josie Martin purchased the house and has used the gardens as her artist canvas and created a wonderland—a fun place for both children and adults to explore. It is also a bed and breakfast.

Here are a few photos of the gardens and sculptors.




The sculptures are whimsical and colorful and highlighted by the different plantings.  I’ll be back later in the week to post more photos of the Giant’s house. It’s a photographer’s dream!

2 comments to “The Giant’s House, Akaroa, New Zealand #travel”

  1. What a nice place. The statues are really something and the flowers are so pretty.

  2. The Giant’s House is exactly how I imagine Alice in Wonderland. Such fun and so whimsical!