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A – Z Challenge


H is for Haka

The haka is a Maori war dance or a challenge, which is performed by males. The word haka actually means dance and in the past, women used to take part too. These days, many of our sports teams do the haka. The All Blacks, our rugby team, do the haka before each game...

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F is for Fishing

New Zealanders love their boats and fishing. Fishing is a reasonably cheap activity since you don’t need a licence, except if you want to fish for fresh-water fish such as trout. My husband’s family are all very keen fishermen. Me—not so much. I think the sport is...

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E is for Earthquake

My post today is about earthquakes. The earth, although it seems solid, consists of a series of plates, which are a bit like jigsaw puzzle pieces. When the plates collide the layers distort and the stress builds until the crust of the Earth buckles. An earthquake...

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D is for Dunedin

Dunedin is the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand. A lot of Scottish people settled in this area of New Zealand, and during the gold rush, which started with the discovery of gold in Gabriel’s Gully, the population of Dunedin swelled until it...

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C is for Cook Strait

Thirteen Things About Cook Strait 1. Cook Strait is the body of water separating the North and South Islands of New Zealand. 2. The strait is named after Captain James Cook who sailed through it in 1770. 3. Maori legends says Kupe (an explorer) discovered Cook Strait...

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B is for Beehive

My post today comes to you from the Beehive in Wellington. This is the affectionate name we New Zealanders call our parliament buildings because of its shape. The Beehive is the round building and the one on the right is Parliament House. Beehive Info: 1. The building...

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A is for Auckland

I’m an A – Z virgin, and I’m looking forward to tackling this challenge. Since I live in New Zealand, I thought this would make a great theme for my posts. I intend to introduce you to my home country and also to some of my romance novels, which are set in my home...

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