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Camera Critters


The Odd Couple

Hubby and I wandered down to the local school to check out their gala day. I snapped this shot of a miniature pony and a Great Dane puppy because it made me laugh. I actually had trouble getting a decent shot because people got in the way. The pony wanted to hide...

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Dropping in for a Visit

We live near an estuary and have lots of water birds hanging around. The ducks, especially, seem to like roaming the roads and visiting people. We often have ducks on our front lawn. When Scotty and I used to go for a walk they'd follow after us, squawking for food....

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Hey Cutie

During our last visit to the farm, my father had a hen and several chickens that had hatched recently. They were awfully difficult to photograph and kept moving. This is a closeup of one of the chicks. The white on the right of the photo is the hen's breast. To see...

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All By Myself

This week I'm posting a photo of an ostrich, taken at Wellington Zoo. I have actually seen ostriches in the wild and have vivid memories of a male ostrich with twelve chicks running after him. This ostrich is a loner. A few facts about ostriches: 1. They're the...

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I Spy With My Little Eye…

I took this photo at Wellington Zoo a few weeks ago. I can stand and watch the merkats for hours. They're so cute and feisty. Seeing them standing upright and on guard never fails to make me smile. To see more animal photos visit Camera Critters

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Does My Bum Look Big In This?

I took this shot of a sun bear at Wellington Zoo. They're called sun bears because of the creamy round sun shape on their upper chest. (You can't see it in this shot) They come from the Southern Asia region. Visit Camera Critters to see more animal photos.

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Time for a Drink

We came across these mountain goats on the side of the road near Mt. Rushmore. Hubby and I were more excited about seeing them than the president's faces. The animals ignored us as they took a drink from the water that trickled down a rock face. To see more...

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Hello Deer

This photo was taken at the Rocky Mountain National Park. As you can see, the elk is wearing a tracking device. We saw quite a few elk during our travels. To see more photographs of animals visit Camera Critters.

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Easy Fishing

This photo was taken at the Goat Island Marine Reserve in New Zealand. The water is clear and the area pristine and full of fish. I took this photo of blue mau-mau from the rocks. People snorkle and dive here, but as you can see it's easy to see fish without getting...

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