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Camera Critters


Gone Fishing

The Columbia River is a huge river and we spent some time driving beside it, driving over it on the Astoria Bridge (longest bridge in the USA) and looking down on it. No doubt about it, the river is impressive. So is the wildlife. This is a heron fishing in the...

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Coolin’ Off

One of the animals Mr. Munro most wanted to see during our last trip to the US was a bull moose. We came across this one while driving in the Grand Teton area. It was a hot day and he was ambling down the small waterway, ignoring all the tourists taking photos of him....

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Paint Mare and Foal

This is my eighty-year-old father's horse Arizona. She had a foal just over a week ago. Now he's a bit put out because he can't ride his horse around the farm, but he's as proud as punch of Arizona's foal. He's about ten days old in this photo and as yet, unnamed. He...

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I’m Watching You

Mr. Munro took this photo at the Auckland zoo. When we visited Africa we saw quite a few hippos. We stayed at one camping ground by a waterhole where they came out at night and grazed by our tents. The hippo is considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa,...

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Play Time

This photo of two otters playing was taken at Bear Country in South Dakota. They were having a fine old time and enjoying the sun. To see more animal photos visit Camera Critters.

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A Day in the Life

"Careful! Watch the knot. Do I have to go to work today?" "Can't we go faster?" "Ah! Dinner time at last." "And maybe time for a snooze." These photos were taken at our local farmers' market where they give pony rides to the children. To visit more animal photos...

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Savoring the Sun

This photo of sunbathing sea lions was taken at Pier 39 in San Francisco last year when hubby and I attended the Romance Writers of America conference. To see other animal photos visit Camera Critters.

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Time For a Rest

This photo of a "Bambi" was taken at Bear Country. Mr. Elk looks very relaxed, chewing his dinner. The weed-like bits on his antlers is actually velvet that's falling off. To see more photos visit Camera Critters

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I’m On Strike!

This photo was taken at Bear Country in South Dakota, USA. Mr. Munro and I loved watching the bears because some of them were real characters. This one wasn't letting any traffic past. To see more photos visit Camera Critters.

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