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Camera Critters


Hello? Anybody There?

I took this photo at our local Agricultural show. This goat was patiently waiting its turn for judging. To visit more Camera Critters go here.

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Standing to Attention.

Last year Mr. Munro and I visited Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World for a sleepover. Along with fish and turtles they also have penguins, and we were lucky enough to have a behind the scenes tour. It was molting time hence the scruffy appearance of some of the...

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Red Alert!

Picture this... Sunday morning. Early. Mr. Munro is out of bed, and he's in...insert big groan here...clean-up mode. First it's the in-basket with all our bills and invoices etc. "Do you want this? Why are we keeping this?" I had to rescue several items before they...

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What’s For Lunch?

Wanna share your lunch with me? This inquisitive mountain sheep got a little close for comfort. My window wouldn't go up fast enough! To view other Camera Critters go here.

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Standing Tall

My animal this week is a giraffe. This particular photo was taken in Kenya, I think at Samburu National Park. We were also able to visit the giraffe center near Nairobi during a different trip. I still remember feeding the giraffes. It was amazing, although their...

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Bear Necessities

This photo was taken at Bear Country in South Dakota. We wanted to make sure we saw plenty of bears and this is a black bear. As well as bears we saw bison, moutain lions, and otters to mention a few. To visit other Camera Critters go here.

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Rhino, Chitwan National Park

This week's photo for Camera Critters is a rhino mother and baby, taken in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. We rode elephants into the park and were able to get quite close to the one-horned rhinoceros, which is an endangered species. I badly wanted to see a tiger, but...

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