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Adventures with Puppy, Bella

We’re having lots of fun with Bella. She’s behaving better with me now. Most days I sit in my chair working away while she creeps into my husband’s chair and has a snooze. I think she’s decided the chair belongs to her since Mr. Munro has to forcefully evict her most nights.

We’ve attended four puppy school classes and are halfway through the course. She’s usually very well behaved in class and learns quickly. At the last class we talked about tricks. We hadn’t tried teaching Bella any tricks and decided we’d attempt something basic first — a high five. She caught on really quickly and I had her high-fiving like a champ. When Mr. Munro arrived home from work we proudly demonstrated.

Here’s the process if you’d like to teach your dog to high five.

1. Hold a small treat on your right palm with your thumb covering it.
2. Hold another treat in your left hand out of sight of your dog. (I hide my left hand behind my back)
3. Get your dog to sit.
4. Hold out your right hand and say “High Five”. Your dog will sniff at first then automatically start to paw at your hand.
5. As soon as your dog slaps your hand with their paw give them the treat in your left hand and praise them.
6. Repeat process several times.


Since Bella is very good at coming when we call her name, we’ve started letting her off the lead in safe areas. Mostly she’s very good at returning, although tonight we met another dog without warning. The dog was three times Bella’s size but that didn’t deter her in the slightest. She wanted to play!

Can your dog do any tricks?

Foster Puppy: Patch Adams Update

I can’t believe we’ve had Patch for four weeks. On Thursday or Friday I need to ring the SPCA and book him in for a vet appointment. All incoming and outgoing dogs have a vet check to keep any possible diseases under control. As I’ve said, he’s a wonderful dog with a very good nature. He has continued to grow in confidence, although the odd thing throws him. On Saturday Mr. Munro got out the leaf blower and attempted to start it. Patch didn’t like it one bit and took off to hide behind the garden shed. If he’s frightened outside of the section he sits down and refuses to move.

After the leaf blower scare, we finally extracted him from behind the shed and took him to the Botanic Gardens. It was a beautiful winter’s day and hubby, Patch and I had a fine time walking and exploring the gardens.


Touch wood, he hasn’t chewed anything for a while. The bones seem to keep him happy. His latest trick is pulling all his blankets out of his kennel and tearing around the lawn with them. I’ll be writing and look out the window to see that the lawn has suddenly sprouted blankets everywhere.


A bird’s nest attracted my attention.


We explored the herb garden.


This is the bed of poppies near the cafe. We had a coffee and sat at one of the outside tables. Patch sat and watched everyone. I was so proud of him.

On Sunday we took him to the Farmers’s market. Patch wasn’t as confident with all the people around but he did pretty well and only did his stubborn sitting thing once by the mushroom stall. He travels well in the car.

Patch has even started barking a little. He has a rough, deep bark that’s quite pleasant to listen to. If you’ve lived with a shrill bark before you’ll understand this comment totally! He’s grown like a weed and will grow bigger yet.

He’ll make someone a wonderful pet.

Foster Puppy: Update on Patch Adams

We’ve had Patch for just over two weeks now. He’s changed a lot in that time, putting on weight and growing in confidence. These days he wags his tail instead of tucking it between his legs. He limped for the first week after overdoing the running, but his rear leg seems to be much stronger now.


Today, I rescued an old golf club, the grate off the bottom of the compost bin, one of the blankets from his kennel, and another part of Mr. Munro’s irrigation system. There’s quite a collection of irrigation equipment on the top of the garden table now. In addition, our lawn looks like a graveyard. Patch has dragged all Scotty’s old bones from under the hedge. He races around the section with a bone in his mouth and loves to chew on them.

At first he didn’t like leaving the section but now he waits at the gate for his morning and evening walk. He sniffs everything and tries to eat just about everything that catches his attention. I have to watch him like a hawk because he eats plastic, cans, and paper. He tends to pull on the lead a bit, but he’s very good at road crossings, sitting as soon as we stop.

Patch is an affectionate dog and very intelligent. He was REALLY naughty today, but he made me laugh because a mischievous puppy is so normal.

Foster Dog One: Patch Adams

Last Thursday we picked up our first foster dog from the SPCA. He’s a Stafford terrier cross and is six months old. His name is Patch Adams. He had surgery on his left hind leg and was on cage rest until we brought him home.

Patch Adams

When Patch first arrived at our place, he was very timid. Our section is fully fenced but I had a few anxious moments when I couldn’t find him. He spent the rest of the day hiding behind the potager garden. When he did finally emerge from hiding, he claimed Scotty’s old kennel and made himself at home.

Our job as fosters is to build his confidence, teach him manners and get him used to a lead. We’re walking him every morning and night, giving him loads of affection and building his confidence by introducing him to new situations and noises.

He’s very good at sitting and is improving daily in the confidence arena. For the first few days he didn’t like leaving the section but now he’s eager to walk. The second day with us, he started chewing. Luckily the cannon bone Mr. Munro brought home has done the trick, and he’s concentrated on chewing that. My shoes and doormat are safe again.

Patch is a loving and very affectionate dog. He’s really sweet and will make someone a wonderful pet.

Blog Participation Winner for Nov 2009

Congratulations to Mary K who is my blog participation winner for Nov 2009. Mary, your prize is in the mail.

Congratulations also to Ilona F, Carol B and Jacqueline R who are my newsletter winners for Nov 2009.

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Reviews & Sale (of sorts)

I really admire the people who review books–it’s a job I couldn’t do. I have to admit that before I wrote, I never read them. These days I read my own, of course, but I’ll usually flick through the other reviews that come through at the same time. A review doesn’t usually sway my purchases, but if I see lots of good reviews, sometimes I do get tempted to buy. I never search for reviews before I buy a book. Do you check out reviews before you purchase a book?

I’ve received reviews recently for House of the Cat and Make That Man Mine.

House of the Cat Make That Man Mine

Megan at Veiled Secret Reviews says, “With an abundance of lovable characters playing against a backdrop of stars and alien worlds House of the Cat is a rollicking thrill ride that will keep you turning page after page…With so many secondary characters steeling your heart and the mystery of Ry’s origins to unravel I can only hope that Ms. Munro plans another visit to the exciting world of House of the Cat.” 4 Dragons. Read the full review here.

Hockeyvamp at Bitten by Books says, “I was totally enthralled with this short novella from start to finish. The erotic play between the two main characters was both flirtatious and arousing. The perceptions of themselves as less than desirable because of the flaws they saw within themselves could be both accepted and desired by the other. I only wish that this had been a full length novel as the sexy and fun banter between the main characters was very entertaining.” 4 1/2 Tombstones. Read the full review here.

In sale news, my story Wild Child has been chosen as one of the stories in All Romance ebooks’s 28 Days of Heart charity campaign to benefit the American Heart Association. The stories will be released in February 2010 and Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse series is doing the forward. Very exciting!


I’m blogging at the Samhain blog today. My post is about public displays of affection or PDAs.
Here’s the link.

Raven Scavenger Hunt

It’s time for the annual Raven Scavenger Hunt. Click on the icon below to get to the offical Scavenger Hunt Page.

Raven Scavenger Hunt

You might win one of the following prizes:

Autographed book Dragons Prefer Blondes by Candace Havens
E-book from N.J. Walters’ backlist (winner’s choice)
E-book from Bianca D’Arc’s backlist (winner’s choice)
E-book from Candice Gilmer’s currently available backlist (winner’s choice)
Belong to the Night by Cynthia Eden (print paranormal romance anthology)
Tea for Two by Shelley Munro (print)
November ebook from Cobblestone – THE DEMON NEXT DOOR: ALI by Kate Austin
Forbidden: The Sacrifice (eBook copy) by Samantha Sommersby
Autographed print book from Shiloh Walker’s Backlist
E-book Divinity Warriors 1: Lilith Enraptured by Michelle M. Pillow
Mayan Secrets by Ciar Cullen (print US or Canada), ebook otherwise
E-book of Obsession (romantic suspense) by Sharon Cullen
Selkie Island by Jorrie Spencer
Autographed copy of Tempting Turquoise (print) by Amy Ruttan
Autographed copy of Hard Candy by Amanda Young
Adrienne (print) by D. Renee Bagby
Heart of the Volcano, ebook by Imogen Howson
E-book copy of Private Property by Leah Braemel
Furry, Fluffy & Wild (ebook anthology) by Nina Pierce
Venus In Blue Jeans (print) by Meg Benjamin
E-book copy of Lay Me Down in pfd format by Taige Crenshaw
The Forbidden Chamber (ebook) by Ella Drake
The Ghost Exterminator: A Love Story (ebook) by Vivi Andrews
Angelic Avenger (ebook) by Kaye Chambers

We All Scream Ice Cream

Mr. Munro and I watched a food documentary about the history of ice cream during the weekend. It was fascinating, charting the history of ice cream in Britain and giving us a glimpse of Walls, the ice cream people.

It’s said that ice cream was first invented by Roman Nero when he combined ice and fruit toppings. In China they combined milk and ice, and it’s thought that this method eventually made its way to Europe, the harbinger of our modern ice cream.

A lady called Mrs. Marshall invented an ice cream freezer. She was a famous cook, along the lines of Mrs. Beeton, and wrote four cookbooks. She also invented the edible ice cream cone, the recipe published in an 1888 recipe book. A very clever lady.

Check out this link for making Asparagus Ices. They look amazing and the recipe is from one of Mrs. Marshall’s books.

During the documentary they said that worldwide the favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla. Personally, I only eat vanilla if it has chocolate sauce with it. I much prefer a flavor such as hokey pokey or something with chocolate or fruit in it.

Do you like ice cream and what is your favorite flavor? What did you think of the Asparagus Ices? Would you try them?

New Photos: Samoa

I’ve updated my photo album with fifteen photos from my recent trip to Samoa. Just click on the photos tab above and start exploring my album.