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Ice Blocks and Electrical Goods

We’ve had another hot day here in New Zealand. The weather people keep saying it’s going to rain but it hasn’t happened yet. Bella has taken to sleeping on the tiles at the front door (which is generally open) or she sleeps upside down with all her legs sticking in...

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A Lady’s Handbag

As my age advances, I’ve started on the road to a handbag obsession. I’m almost frightened to admit it, since Mr. Munro will read this blog and use my admission as evidence to hold against me at a later date. I own four bags at present – a black Guess bag, a pink...

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O is for One Night of Misbehavior

Titles are hard things to pin down—at least I find them difficult, and I can ponder and panic about finding the perfect title for a book for weeks. Titles also don’t begin with an O, but bear with me. Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale. I guess it’s the romantic in...

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Love and Weddings

Hubby and I attended a wedding over the weekend. We had such a great time. The weather was beautiful, the company great, and it was a gorgeous setting looking out over Karioitahi Beach.   Once in awhile, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Loves gives us a...

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Fast Train to Shanghai!

When we visited Shanghai everyone in our group was eager to experience the fast train. It’s a high-speed magnetic levitation train. The train travels the 30 km (18.6 miles) in seven minutes and twenty seconds. All I know is that it was incredibly fast. The scenery...

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Ballet and Pas De Death

I’ve been thinking about ballet recently, which is peculiar since I have never been a ballerina and know nothing about ballet. My one experience of ballet was when we lived in London. A customer of the pub where we worked gave us two tickets to attend the ballet at...

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The Origin of Hen’s Night

Hen’s night, stagette, bachelorette party. They’re all terms for the same thing—the last party that a bride has with her female friends before she gets married. The stag or bachelor party has origins long ago in history. Stag parties were held back in Henry VII’s...

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A Lesson in Cheese Making

I stepped out of routine last weekend. After packing my handbag with necessities, including my camera, I went off to be a Cheesemaker for a day at the New Zealand Cheese School. There were about ten of us on the Dairy course, and we learned how to make milk ricotta,...

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In Praise of Strawberries

The strawberry season is drawing to an end down here in New Zealand. I’m a huge fan of strawberries. Let me count the ways…. Reasons Shelley Likes Strawberries: 1. The appearance of the first strawberries is a signal that summer is underway. 2. They’re low in calories...

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