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A common theme in romance novels is building trust or in some cases rebuilding it enough to make a relationship work. In my book Scarlet Woman, the heroine Emily discovers her husband has had an affair with his secretary. Her husband leaves her and subsequently dies...

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Birth Order Part Two

I’m continuing my post on birth order today and talking about last born and only children. Go here for the first part of the post on birth order. Last borns have fun personalities. They’re usually good communicators, but they can be selfish and manipulative. They’re...

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A Post of Random: Olympics, Chocolate Creme Eggs, Books by Theme

I've been watching the Olympic games and enjoying the mens' speed skating plus the downhill skiing. Nice suits, that's all I'm saying. :mrgreen: How do the sports announcers manage to get their tongues around some of the contestants' names? Talk about tongue tangling....

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Notes on Thinking

I do my very best thinking in the shower. I think about my day. I think about my current work-in-progress and plotting problems. I think about my goals. The only problem with doing my thinking in the shower is that I can't take notes. By the time I get out of the...

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Things About Shelley

I received a Kreative Blogger award from Debra Kayn this week. Thanks so much, Debra!! Now, I'm meant to list seven random things about myself - things that you might not know. Seven Random Things About Shelley Munro 1. My all-time favorite destination to visit is...

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Fidgeting: It’s Good News

Most of the Wii Fitness games--Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Active and Your Shape include fitness tips. One of the tips on Your Shape mentioned Fidgeting. Fidgeting is when a person is uneasy or restless and they move their limbs in a nervous manner. Did you know fidgeting...

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Christmas Greetings

I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends. Thank you to Calico Crazy who designed the beautiful Christmas ornament and sent it to me. Christmas has almost finished here in New Zealand. I'm now the proud owner of a pink Asus netbook. Hubby gave it to me....

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Just Add Water

The copy of NZ Woman's Health I purchased (see yesterday's blog post) had an interesting article about water and some of the myths people believe about it. Here are some I found particularly interesting. 1. Bottled water is NOT better than tap water. In most cases tap...

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Sleepless Night

I had trouble sleeping last night. I don't know if it was because I read Margie Lawson's guest post about sleeping at Petit Fours and Hot Tamales or if it was a sign of things to come. Margie's post was very interesting and included suggestions about ways to aid...

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