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Holidays and Ever Wondered?

I'm so excited - no, I haven't sold another book. In fact I've been receiving a lot of rejections, but I'm not talking about those today. No, I'm not. Hubby came home last night and said, "How would you like to go on holiday in September?" "September?" I said. "I...

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Comfort Foods

I've been thinking about food a lot this week, mainly because I'm having a bit of cut back and watching what I eat. I like food. One of my favorite meals is pasta. I love pasta and can eat it for several meals in a row. It's a real comfort food for me. I'm also a big...

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Clever Fingers

A complimentary fifteen-minute massage came as part of the package on our recent holiday in Samoa. Massage isn't something I've had a lot of experience with in the past. I get a head massage whenever I have my hair done, and when I injured my shoulder in a fall, the...

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Enjoyable or Horrid?

A lot of people love visiting museums and art galleries. They can spend hours wandering through the various displays and visit a different museum each weekend. Not me. I visited Te Papa this weekend, New Zealand’s big museum in Wellington. I checked out the colossal...

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Upside Down Tomato

Today I have a gardening post about how to plant an upside down tomato, courtesy of Mr. Munro. UPSIDE-DOWN PLANTER by Mr. Munro What to do with that old paint pot or unwanted container. It may seem strange to plant a tomato in an UPSIDE-DOWN container, but there are...

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Horse Pills

I had to go to the doctor this week, and I arrived home with a bottle of large pills. I know the pills will make me feel better, but I want to know why they have to make them in a size that’s more suitable for large animals. I choke and gag and stress out every time I...

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Have you seen the YouTube featuring Susan Boyle? The judges took one look at Ms. Boyle, listened to her talking and decided she wouldn’t be able to sing. The music started, Ms. Boyle started singing and smashed apart every one of the judges’ preconceptions, showing...

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Random Thought…

Butt cracks in a public place. Not a pretty sight... Big shudder. I need to scrub my eyeballs. Just sayin'... What say you?

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As part of his job my husband has to go into people's houses. He's always amazed at how messy some of the teenagers' bedrooms are with so much stuff on the floor he can't do his job. I think he's actually scared to go into some of the bedrooms because of the lurking...

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