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Taste of Kiwi


N is for New Zealand

Although I enjoy traveling and exploring the world, New Zealand is my home country. Here are some facts about New Zealand: 1. We are an island country – North Island, South Island and Stewart Island – in the south western Pacific Ocean. 2. Our capital is Wellington....

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K is for Kiwi

The kiwi is New Zealand’s national bird. In fact, the New Zealand people are also known as kiwis. Here are some facts about the kiwi: 1. The kiwi is a flightless bird. 2. Kiwis live in pairs and mate for life. 3. They are mostly nocturnal and live in burrows. 4. They...

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J is for Jaffas

A jaffa is a sweet with an orange flavored outer covering and a chocolate center. They are round in shape, and you’ll often hear jaffas rolling on the floor, especially in the movies. Their round shape makes them escape easily! They’re an Australian and New Zealand...

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I is for Idols

New Zealand might be a small country, but our people think big. We’re high achievers because we don’t believe in the words, “I can’t.” At least that’s my theory. Today, I’m going to mention two great New Zealanders. Katherine Wilson Shepherd, known as Kate, was born...

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H is for Haka

The haka is a Maori war dance or a challenge, which is performed by males. The word haka actually means dance and in the past, women used to take part too. These days, many of our sports teams do the haka. The All Blacks, our rugby team, do the haka before each game...

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A is for Auckland

I’m an A – Z virgin, and I’m looking forward to tackling this challenge. Since I live in New Zealand, I thought this would make a great theme for my posts. I intend to introduce you to my home country and also to some of my romance novels, which are set in my home...

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Omaka Aviation Heritage Center, New Zealand

Earlier this year hubby and I visited the Marlborough region in the South Island of New Zealand. I took the opportunity to drag hubby to the Omaka Aviation Heritage Center. Sir Peter Jackson donated his collection of WW1 planes and memorabilia to the center and...

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The Cheeky Fantail

The fantail or piwakawaka is one of our native birds. This year we’ve seen quite a few in our garden and also while we’ve been walking Bella. They’re tiny birds with a tail that fans out—as their name suggests—and they live on a diet of insects. They like to follow...

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The Hell-Hole of the Pacific

Today, the small township of Russell in the Bay of Islands is a sleepy place. Tourists and summer boaties visit the place, but on the day of our visit, we wandered across the street without worrying about traffic. Not so back in the early nineteenth century. In the...

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