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Thursday Thirteen


13 Facts About Dragons

I’ve been in a dragon frame of mind recently, and I’m excited to be part of the Flight of Dragons box set, which came out this week. In honor of the release, my TT this week is about dragons. Thirteen Facts About Dragons 1. Dragons can be grouped into three groups:...

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A Trip to Alaska

Last month hubby and I spent a fortnight in Alaska. Alaska is one place in the world, which is still a real wilderness. It is beautiful. Thirteen Things About Alaska and Our Holiday 1. Alaska is the largest state of the USA, but is sparsely populated. 2. We visited...

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Sea of Change: 13 Facts About Killer Whales

This week, my latest book went live at most online retailers. Sea of Change is a paranormal shifter romance featuring orcas. Thirteen Facts About Killer Whales 1. The killer whale is also known as an orca. 2. They are a toothed whale and are actually the largest...

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13 Eerie American Destinations

I picked up a copy of Eerie America: Travel Guide of the Macabre by ER Vernor & Kevin Eads at my local library. An interesting guide. I’ve picked out thirteen spots that appealed to me for my TT this week. Thirteen Macabre American Destinations 1. The Body Farm,...

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Thirteen Ways I Learned to Write About Sex

I’m thrilled to welcome Marian Perera, a fellow Samhain Publishing author. She’s celebrating the release of her paranormal fantasy romance, The Highest Tide and has a fun post about sex. Thirteen ways I learned to write about sex Thanks for hosting me, Shelley! I like...

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13 Things About Tomatoes

I love eating fresh tomatoes. Actually, I love eating tomatoes full stop, and I’m eating a lot at present. Often my lunch will be sliced tomato on toast with lots of fresh ground black pepper. Thirteen Things About Tomatoes 1. Tomatoes originated in the Andes, around...

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Thirteen Things About the Baobab Tree

I’m currently working on the third book in my House of the Cat series. One of the characters is a tremin, and although sentient, he bears many characteristics of a tree. Hubby and I were walking the dog, and I said to him, “My character is a tree. Not a real tree, at...

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13 Animals and Birds that Mate for Life

As a romance author, I believe in happy relationships and happy endings. I live them everyday while write and reading my books. While some humans are monogamous, there is an equal number of those who cheat or move on to another partner for one reason or another. The...

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Making a List, Checkin it Twice!

I’ve participated in Thursday Thirteen for quite a few years now. I’m shifting things up a little this year – changing the rules. Instead of doing a list of thirteen items each week, I intend to vary the length of my list. Five Places I Visited Over the Christmas...

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