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13 Facts About Color Therapy

I like color in my life, and if I’m ever feeling down, something colorful always cheers me up. Some people swear by color therapy, so I thought I’d do a little research into the subject. Thirteen Facts About Color Therapy 1. Color therapists believe that each of the...

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The Story of the Wedding Dress

The white wedding dress made with silk and lace is a twentieth century tradition, and the cynical among us might say that those who work in the wedding industry have embraced the elaborate white gown for commercial reasons. In past centuries, couples would wear their...

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Feelin’ Blue

Blue is my favorite color, and since I returned our foster dog to the SPCA today, I'm definitely feeling blue. I figured I'd go entirely blue for this week's Thursday Thirteen Thirteen Blue Things 1. Blue Suede Shoes - a rock 'n roll number first recorded by Carl...

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