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Recipe: Delicious Limocello

When we visited Italy last year, we took the opportunity to taste lots of limocello. We also brought some home with us. Limocello is actually very easy to make, so if you have a surplus of lemons, give this recipe a try.

This recipe is from From Simple Pleasures by Annabel Langbein.



2 ½ cups vodka

Peel of 8 lemons

Juice of three lemons, strained

¾ cup sugar

3 whole cloves


1. Combine vodka and lemon peel, cover and leave for 48 hours in a cool, dark place. i.e. pantry.

2. Strain the liquid.

3. Boil lemon juice, sugar and cloves with one cup of water until syrupy.

4. Cool, remove cloves and mix into lemon vodka.

5. Serve chilled in short glasses or with ice and soda.

Note: My photo is of Limocello cream, so when you make the above recipe, it won’t look quite as creamy. The final product will taste delicious though! It’s perfect during summer or any time of the year.

What is your favorite summer drink?

Thirteen Ways to Help a Bad Head Case

Thursday Thirteen

Sometimes a few drinks at night can end up in a hangover the next morning. There are lots of theories and tried and true methods for curing a hangover. In truth, the only way to cure a hangover is limit the number of drinks you have.

Thirteen Hangover Cures and Hints

1. The hair of the dog – i.e. drink more of what you drank the night before.

2. The French drink thick and hot onion soup the morning after.

3. In Switzerland they drink a shot of brandy with a hint of peppermint.

4. In Russia they try heavily salted cucumber juice and black bread soaked in water.

5. In Norway they recommend double cream.

6. In Outer Mongolia they recommend a pickled sheep’s eye in a glass of tomato juice. Can I say yuck?

7. In Haiti they cure a hangover by sticking thirteen black-headed pins into the cork of a bottle that got you that way.

8. Don’t mix alcohol types.

9. Carbonated drinks affect people faster i.e. those bottles of bubbles.

10. Drink a pint of lightly-salted water before going to bed.

11. Drink an isotonic sports drink but not the fizzy, carbonated kind.

12. Eat a banana, honey and peanut butter sandwich. The honey and banana contain potassium and glucose. Bananas contain magnesium, which may help to relax the blood vessels in the head.

13. Go for a brisk walk or have a long and hot powerful shower. The powerful shower is to relax the muscles and helps if you’re a fiend on the dance floor between drinks. A hot bath will also help.

Do you have a favored hangover cure?

Source: Her Magazine, December/January 2011 and Hangover Cures by Ben Reed