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The Eyes Have It

Thursday Thirteen

Eyes give me problems. During the writing of my books, my characters change eye color regularly. Sometimes I don’t catch it, but luckily my editor is on the ball. In the book world there are lots of heroes and heroines out there with green eyes. Lots. Quite a few heroines have violet ones too. Not so common in everyday life. I’ve been thinking I should pick a color and allocate that color to all my characters. It would solve my problem!

Thirteen Interesting Facts About Eyes


1. The colored part of the eye is called the iris. It contains pigmentation that determines the color of the eye.

2. Eye colors are determined by the parents, but a child’s eyes aren’t a combination of the parents. The eye color depends on the genes and there are lots of possibilities as to the end result.

3. Most babies are born with blue eyes. A color change occurs if a brown pigment called melanin develops as the baby grows.

4. Darker colors dominate so brown beats green and green wins over blue.

5. Emotions can change the iris color and the pupil size.

6. Eye color can also change with age. This usually happens with those who have a light eye color to start with.

7. If the eye color of an adult changes dramatically it can be an indication of a disease. Check with your eye doctor!

8. The human eye blinks around 4,200,000 times a year.

9. Blinking helps keep our eyes moist.

10. Only one-sixth of the eyeball is visible.

11. The eyeball remains the same size as it was at birth.

12. Our eyes can detect 10 million color hues (not sure who counted this), but we can’t see ultraviolet or infra red light.

13. The human eye can distinguish 500 shades of gray. (not 50 as a certain book would have us believe!)

According to an online survey about eye color the most popular color is green followed by light blue. Hazel, dark blue, gray, honey, amethyst and brown came next in descending order.

My eyes are light blue.

What color are your eyes? For you writers out there, do you vary your character’s eye colors from book to book or do you tend to stick to the basic brown or blue? Readers – do you care what color eyes the characters have?

Blink. Blink.

The other night I was watching some coverage of the Olympic Games on television. I observed the announcer, and suddenly, all I could focus on was him blinking. Blink. Blink. Blink. Honestly, his eyes reminded me of a warning light flicking off and on. It was weird.

EyeIt’s natural for people to blink. We do it to keep our eyes moist and in good health. We also blink to stop foreign objects such as dust or tiny insects getting in our eyes. A great analogy is that blinking is like the action of a windscreen wiper on a car. On average, a person blinks 10 – 20 times per hour. (I had difficulty finding an answer that everyone agreed on.)

In body language terms, excessive blinking tends to mean that a person is thinking hard. Often, a person who is lying blinks a lot since they need to concentrate to maintain the lie. I heard that body language experts counted the number of times Mr. Clinton blinked when he was busily denying things.

A single blink might indicate surprise. If a woman is blinking excessively while in the presence of a man, then she’s probably flirting with the gentleman.

Have you noticed excessive blinking before?