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Goat Island

Goat Island Marine Reserve, New Zealand #travel

The Goat Island Marine Reserve is a popular destination with locals, especially during the summer months. It’s north of Auckland and is the closest place for divers and snorkelers to experience marine life. The reserve, which is 518 hectares in size, was created in...

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Easy Fishing

This photo was taken at the Goat Island Marine Reserve in New Zealand. The water is clear and the area pristine and full of fish. I took this photo of blue mau-mau from the rocks. People snorkle and dive here, but as you can see it's easy to see fish without getting...

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New Zealand: Goat Island

This is a shot of a pohutukawa tree, one of New Zealand's natives. During the summer it is covered with crimson flowers. Beyond is Goat Island and the marine reserve. It's fun to snorkel here and paddle in the water with the huge fish swimming around your legs. Don't...

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